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July 30, 2012

May: Ripe Belly in El Mirage

Meet May.   She is a model, a wife and the creator of the organic May Lindstrom Skin.   Becker invited me to shoot with him at the El Mirage Dry Lake bed, and I was blown away by the confident and elegant way May embraced Motherhood.  As we road tripped out to the desert, I could not help but smile when I would look to the back seat and see May and her husband in complete and utter love with each other.   Then we arrived at the shoot location, and May embraced every beautiful curve of this new stage in her life.  She was due any day (and as far as I know still expecting), but I think I told her that my due date guess was either August 1st or August 2nd?    I posted some of my favorites from the shoot below, and at the bottom of this blog post you will find a link to a few more of my favorites that are more PG-13.    Thank you May and Robert and I hope you savor each moment along this roller coaster of an experience.   After witnessing the love you two show towards each other, I know the sweet baby girl that will soon be in your arms will have no shortage of love and affection.  With all of that being said, I'll just go ahead and start with my FAVE!  This sunset was like nothing I have ever witnessed.      

After seeing Robert admire his BREATHTAKING wife from the sidelines, we pulled him over for a few of them together.   

And here is a little behind the scenes action with Becker.    He actually shot pics of May years ago and has always wanted to shoot pics with her once again.   Capturing her in this beautiful stage in her life was perfect! 

Check out some of his favorites from the shoot on his blog HERE.
 I got my new car just in time for my road trip out west, and I absolutely LOVEEEEE it!!    As soon as we started driving onto the dry lake bed, I felt as if I were in one of those car commercials you see!    So fun!

To see a few more of my favorites (the ones that are a little more PG-13) click HERE for the link to the private gallery.


john blair said...

Beautiful work.

Raven Mathis | Photographer said...

Just gorgeous Ash! I love seeing the two different styles and how you both shot the same session with such different and brilliant results!

Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful Woman.