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July 27, 2009

Cute Kids, Bright Colors, and Endless Details

On July 3rd, we shot a rehearsal dinner for Joe and Steff. I have to give it up to the hostess with the mostess......

They had the Hawaiian themed luau down to a tee. It was PERFECT!!! A photographer's dream!! There was an endless amount of cute kids. Everywhere you looked, there were bright colors. And the details were incredible. I even had to ask the her if she would mind throwing me a rehearsal dinner one day!!

She had these little M&M's made as a surprise for Stef.

(I could not get enough of this salsa it was divine!!)

Then we stopped to take some pics of Steff and her 3 gorgeous sisters (not pictured : her gorgeous mama!)

The story behind the moose. Okay, on top of the cupcake tower there are little moose-head rings. On the day Joe popped the question, he asked Steff with a moose-head ring. She never thought twice about it!! When Steff saw these moose-head rings on the cupcake tower, she started tearing up. It was all of these little details that the hostess (Joe's Aunt)had put together that made the theme flawless!

And while all of the Gutting's were in town we had to get some family portraits done! Did I mention there are 8 brothers and sisters.

To Joe and Steff: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel blessed that you chose us to capture all of your moments!! We are truly lucky to have met the two of you!! Call me when you get back from the Honeymoon!! <3 :)


Joe & Steff said...

Alicea and Ashley - I can't believe how incredibly you captured EVERY DETAIL of this perfect day - Diane's better-than-HGTV decorating forever captured! I am so thrilled and can't wait to tell everyone that both of you were MY photographers when you are rich and famous. Love you both, and so thankful for fabulous photos and two fabulous new friends! Love, Steff Eyrich (Gutting after the honeymoon -didn't want to change the passport!)

Joe & Steff said...

by the way - I hope you are ready to quit your day jobs! I sent this to everyone at work today and everyone wants to hire you!

LeLe Photography said...

Oh thank you Steff! You were a perfect model!

Von DeVore said...

OMG! I actually recognized someone in here. Is that Miriam Gutting in the picture of all the Guttings? Mrs. Gutting is the Director at Campbell Montessori where my kids went to pre-school. What a crazy co-incidence.

Ladies, you are a doing a fine job with your photography! Keep it up!

LeLe Photography said...

Yes von, that is Miriam!! It is such a small world!! A real crazy story, Joe and Steff came to our office and at the end of our meeting my sister was talking about the director of daughters school (Campbell) being from Ireland, and they were like, what school!?!? Miriam is the grooms mom. We were like NO WAY!! They were the best couple!! :) Thank you for the kind words, and if you ever need any help with anything just holler!! :)