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October 29, 2009

Crazy October!

October has been filled with Shoots, more shoots, and yes you guessed it....more shoots!! This all leads to one thing.......lots of editing!!! There are so many cute shots from our recent sessions, but for now here is the beginning of a couple sneak peeks to hold you over! :)

Let me introduce Ron and Christine. You will be seeing more of them. Their family lives out of state, so they decided the Birthstory would be the best way to share the experience with their family who couldn't be there. We got the phone call on a Friday, did the Ripe Bellies session on that Sunday (Adorable pictures below), then we get "the" call 2 days later for the Birth-Day/Labor and Delivery Session, and then we followed it up with their Itty-Bitty Session on Friday. A birthstory in 5 days. I think that is some type of record! Be on the lookout for more of their story...

Alicea had this idea of the pumpkin pop into her head as we were leaving for the shoot...what do you think? :)

And... the leaves were ON FIRE for Megan and Wes' engagement session!! Many more cute ones to come you two!! :)


Kristal said...

Wow, she got to you guys in the nick of time for her birth story, didn't she?? I can't wait to see more pics!

And the leaves in those engagement shots - amazing. I work downtown and the trees all around the arch have been stellar this fall - too bad all this rain is knocking them down! :(

Donna Harris said...

I LOVE the pumpkin/belly photo! Very creative.

Great stuff as always!

Alicea Hermeyer (LELE) said...

Thanks Donna!! The idea came to me that morning!! ;). I was so excited to try it!! ;)