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January 14, 2010

Muffins on a Saturday Morning

Last Saturday we had the sheer pleasure of capturing this beautiful family!! When Adena contacted us to do a family session for her family, you could feel the liveliness and the outgoing, sweet personality conveyed through her voice. She had wanted to do a family session since December. The holidays were insane, so we decided on January 9th. If anyone remembers last weekend, it was FRIGIDLY cold. I mean -5 degree, mind-numbing COLD!! So when she called us and asked what I thought about the idea of doing a family session at her home and capturing their family making their Saturday morning breakfast. It is a tradition in their family to get in their PJ's and cook breakfast as a family once a week on Saturday mornings. She wanted to always remember those moments, even when the three little ones are older. I do not think I could express how wonderful of an idea I thought this was!! This is the type of photography I live for. It is what we pride ourselves in, lifestyle photography. Here are a few that really captured the love of the Dorsey Family.

How much cuter could these sisters be!?!?! This brought back so many memories of my sis and I "helping" our mom in the kitchen. I wish we would have had someone there capturing those moments!! Enough with that...back to the pics!

Of course the best part of the taste test!!

I think the girls wanted some more camera time...

1 comment:

Debi said...

What a wonderful idea to capture. These pics are great & brought tears to my eyes. This "story" would be great put together in a book to capture the memory.