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April 7, 2010

Ripe Belly :Baby Gage

The birthstory of Jenna and Mike is very near and dear to my heart. Jenna has been a long time friend. We met when I was 18. We worked together, grew up together, and experienced life together. She was there for me through tough times, and I was there for her. One of my favorite memories....Sunday Funday --> We would get Sushi, a movie, and go back to my apartment for some gossip, laughing, and girly time. Somewhere in the midst of moving, going to college, changing phone numbers (lol), and life, we lost touch with each other. One day I was leaving the gym, and my sister called to tell me that someone named Jenna had called her phone asking for me, and that she wanted us to shoot her wedding and birthstory. My sister could barely even finish relaying her phone number before I had hung up on her (sorry Alicea) :) and called up Jenna. She answered on the second ring, and it was like we had never lost touch. I probably sounded like the biggest dork on the phone, because I could not take the smile off of my face!! My Jenna was getting MARRIED! My Jenna was about to have a BABY BOY!!! I am so proud of you, Jenna. You have a wonderful and loving fiance. You deserve the world, and I feel like Mike looks at you like a princess.
Here are a few of my favorites from their Ripe Belly Session....

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Mindy said...

Love the yellow wall and green dress!