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September 27, 2010

Ripe Belly: Alicia and Ryan

One of the best things about Facebook is that you can figure out real quick how you know someone. You can skip past the "What high school did you go to?" question, and click right away on the "Mutual Friends" button. I admit, when I get an email inquiry, I might maybe, possibly look up their name on Facebook, to place a face with the name and also see who are mutual friends might be. It also helps me figure out how our clients found out about us. Recently, I captured the Ripe Belly Session for Alicia and Ryan. They are expecting a baby girl in October. I did not have a chance to look them up on Facebook, but when they told me they were huge "lake people" who spend most of their weekends at the lake, it immediately reminded me of my best friend, and I had to warn them. I told them about my friend, Mindy. Mindy is another huge "lake person". She is the definition of that word I made up. She is down there every weekend at her condo, and would probably live there if it really came down to it. Mindy was a month away from her due date and went into labor. Not in St. Louis, but down at the lake. As soon as I told Alicia and Ryan about "my friend" having her baby at the lake one month early, they said, "Are you talking about Mindy!?" Simply another example of how this is a small world. Ryan grew up next door to Mindy's parents. After I got home from the session, naturally I checked Facebook to see the Mutual Friend situation....17 combined mutual friends between the three of us. :)

Here are a few of my favorites! :)
My favorite...

Another favorite...

And another favorite.....I just can't help it!! I love them all!

You are so beautiful, Alicia!! You have that classy, timeless beauty about you. :)


Alicia said...

Love them! Thanks Ashley, we had so much fun taking these with you. Now I am even more excited to see the rest of them!

Anonymous said...

The pictures were so beautiful!!! I can't wait to see more either!