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February 2, 2011

Allie and Blake are 6 Months!

Six months ago, we were there to help Ricky and Katy introduce their new bundles of joy to friends and family. We fell in love with Blake and Allie. We always love having the chance to watch our LeLe babies grow up. When we at Ricky and Katy's home, the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful pictures on their walls from the Itty Bitty Session. I LOVE going into a client's home, and seeing moments that we captured as artwork hanging up! As I walked a little further into their home, I saw Allie and Blake. It was hard to believe that these two little babies once fit into that little pod that is pictured above ^ ^ ^. They were crawling all over, laughing at my silly faces, and growing up just as they all seem to do.....too fast! :)

Blake dressed up for the occasion.....
Mommy's outfit choice.....
Daddy's Outfit Choice: This shot was for dad......he was really, really excited about getting them in their Bass Pro gear for a shot.
Grandma was there.....she loves her grandbabies!!! :)
Blake has these eyes that would hypnotize someone. They are the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen!
We did not want to give these babies up when it was time to leave!!! Do you blame us!?!?
How many 6 month old kiddos do you know have their own personal yoga instructor!?!? I was so proud of Allie! She perfected downward dog!! :)
See you in a couple months for the 1 year session!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

These babies are just adorable. So cute & the blue eyes are piercing. :)