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September 4, 2011

Sara & John: Ripe Belly

Sara and John decided to wait to find out if they were having a Mr or a Miss.  I think there is nothing more exciting then not knowing and when mother and father finally see their baby and they are like what is it, what is it!!! And of course there's the excitement of the family in the waiting room with their bets made...  Sara and John choose LeLe to capture the BirthStory of their first child and here is a little sneak peek of their Ripe Belly session.  We started at their home and let me tell you Sara was SO prepared!!!  She had the kitchen table FULL of outfits, details, props and even pictures of parks and local spots she liked.  As I took their pics we chatted about possible locations for the end of their session.  They mentioned a few parks and also Orange Leaf.  I was like, WHAT is Orange Leaf?  They informed me that it is amazing frozen yogurt and how they have a Sunday ritual in which they go there with John's truck, pick their favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, add amazing toppings and then sit on the tailgate and people watch.  I immediately said, "uh yeah, we are going there!"  I told them not only will these pictures be fun, they are unique to you guys and your very own little ritual.  I love incorporating things that are unique because those are the moments and pictures that will remind them of the Sundays they spent together sitting on the tailgate, laughing, talking and just being together.  

you. are. beautiful.

 her wedding veil

Sara and John, thanks A LOT for treating me to Orange Leaf!  Now I am addicted... :)

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Jackie Parker said...

Im dying to know where is this Orange leaf at?