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September 26, 2011

Senior Year: Ryan

We traveled down to the fine state of Texas to capture Ryan's senior photo session.   We met at the same school he had spent the last three years.  Three years full of meeting new friends, making memories, and playing baseball.  Baseball is one of those things that will always hold a special place in my heart.   Then Ryan told me he was a pitcher.  Extra Extra Bonus Points.  You see, my little brother is also a pitcher.  I know the nervousness that Ryan's mom probably feels every time she watches the young man she is so proud of  number 10 on that pitcher's mound.  If she is anything like me when I watch my brother, I am on the edge of my seat before every pitch.  There are so many things I want for him....I want that perfect curveball, that perfect high speed pitch that the batter is not going to see coming, I am hoping he doesn't throw a ball, and I am praying that no line drives are drilled straight for him.  On his off days, I am wishing that I could trade places with him, and do something to help him out.   I am sure Ryan's mom must feel the same way now that the man she holds so much pride in her eyes for is finishing up his last year before he heads off to college.   Ryan - you and your dimple are absolutely adorable.    Make sure you enjoy every day of this year in school.  It will fly by and leave you looking back in disbelief that it's all really over.   Keep making your mama proud.  LeLe loves you.   :)  

View Ryan's Slideshow HERE.
LeLe Behind the Lens Fun.......

Oh yeah Ryan....don't look so surprised next time I tell you I can lean with it, rock with it, shake that laffy taffy, and bern.......    :) 

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