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October 23, 2011

Meet the Aldys: Jess and Andy

"How does it feel to know you'll never have to be alone, when you get home?"
Sweetest Goodbye . Maroon 5

Once upon a time, a man looked into his bride's eyes as he vowed to take her as his wife.  This once upon a time is no fairytale.  The year was 1949.  The groom promised the words that so many people have recited to the one person they choose to spend their life with.

To have and to hold.
For better or for worse.
For richer, for poorer.
In sickness and in health.
To love and cherish from this day forward.
 For all the days of my life.

The love they shared turned into a marriage that united this man and woman into a family.  They promised all the days of their lives.  These days turned into years.  They gave all of themselves to their marriage, and in return, the marriage gave them a lifetime of memories, commitment, laughs, tears, joy, lessons, new traditions, and children to share it all with.  Their children gave them grandchildren to spoil, love, teach, and show what it means to spend your life with someone.  The man that married his bride in 1949 was Jess' Grandpa.  He loved his bride and stayed true to his vows for 62 years.  All of the days of his life. 
There is no doubt in my mind that this love inspired and taught through demonstration what a marriage is.  Jess heard the giddiness in Grandma's voice and saw the tears well up in her eyes on the day she told her that the day she would recite the same vows that Grandpa once promised her was none other than their wedding anniversary.  Such a symbolic gesture to honor the love that has molded Jess into who she is simply by showing what love really is, what it can be, and how sweet it is to commit your life to the one you love.    As Jess stood at the altar, and Grandma sat in the front row, I can not help but picture Grandpa smiling down at the beautiful, stunning bride standing there all because two people fell in love.  

I am a firm believer that in this life, there are no coincidences.  Things happen for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to know why at the time.  I do not claim to be a videographer, but while shooting weddings, sometimes I randomly decided to videotape moments.  No rhyme or reason, just a little something extra that I do if a moment is standing out to me.  After I wrote the main part of this blog (everything above this paragraph), I started watching the video clips that I had shot from the day.  Chills shot down my spine, and I knew at that moment, the story I told is exactly what I was meant to write and this moment I decided to hit record on was no coincidence.  I was meant to record this moment for them, for Jess' parents, and for Jess' grandparents.  
I mean seriously.....You are a vision, Jess.  :)   Beautiful!

I love grey suits at weddings!!

It is tradition for Grandpa to sing this German song at the weddings.   I can not tell you what in heck he sang the entire time as the crowd cheered him on.....but it was a moment I will never forget.
This couple knows how to party.  They know how to laugh.  They know how to make the most out of each moment.  Having the LeLe UnScripted PhotoBooth was PERFECT for them!!!   
I would give anything to have a picture of me and my brother dancing like this.  One of my favorite shots of the night...
Same Day Slideshow time!   The looks below is why I do what I do.   These moments that can evoke such emotion and joy in my brides, grooms, and their entire family.   I will always give all of me and go  above and beyond, and this is why......   (Look at how cute Grandpa is!!!)
And then this happened.  Yeah.   We all know my attention is completely stolen the moment someone picks up a guitar.   I am putty in the hands that can strum any Fender, Gibson, Taylor, or Alvarez.   So when one of the groomsmen (who happened to be Andy's college roomate and recently moved out to Nashville for his music career) replaced the DJ for the last hour at the reception, I was floored.  Not only could he play....boy could SING.   I mean belt it out.  A stage presence that leaves you thinking about it on your entire ride home.  Write down this name: John Milstead.   Check out his website, see a live show if you can.  He is going somewhere, and you heard it here first.  :)    The entire reception could not take their eyes or ears off of him.   What an amazing gift to give Andy and Jess.

Vendor Info
Wedding Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Ceremony Location: Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, MO
Reception Venue: Neo 
Florist: Sisters Flowers
AMAZING live performer: John Milstead
Cake: Piece of Cake
The Dress: Margo's: A Wedding Place


Jess- When I read what you emailed me, it moved me.  All of the 'y'alls' kept a smile on my face and the sincerity behind the words kept the tears in my eyes.  I love y'all more than you'll ever know.   Thank you both for walking into our lives and allowing us to share this day with you.  Our appreciation and love for you and your family is overwhelming.  All of our love and most sincere well wishes to everything that your future holds.  :)  xoxo

"The first time I met y'all at Starbucks to discuss my wedding, I knew I wouldn't trust anyone else with our pictures.  As we talked, I felt like I was with someone I had known for YEARS, not an hour.  Y'all are extremely professional, and the passion you have for what you do shows!!!  I would recommend y'all to absolutely everyone.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   :)    
(Jess' Email)
 LeLe Behind the Lens....
So during weddings, I usually take the girls while Alicea is doing pics with the guys.   Jess stopped me in my tracks as we walked down the street, and was like, "THAT POSE!!!  THE  ONE I SEE YOU DO ON FACEBOOK!!!!  YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!!"  I was like, um...right now?   Seriously?   Yes, yes, she was very serious.....What my brides want, my brides get.   Scorpion pose in an alley, and no yoga mat.   All for you Jess!!!  :)    xo
One of my fav. parts of the day.....posing with my brides.  :)    Ps. for any future brides, I totally will be a stand-in bridesmaid if you need one.  Just sayin.   :)
Now if this should not be a Tide commercial, I have no idea what should.   We come prepared!!   Spots be gone!

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Amy said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Everything from the dress, to the bouquets, to the bride and groom!!! Beautiful pics, as always, from LeLe : )