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October 4, 2011

Meet Katie: The Love That Let us Share Our Name

"Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name." 
-The Avett Brothers

Meet Katie.   She is a Senior this year.   She also happens to be our cousin.   We grew up together.   

Her mom is my Aunt Lisa.   Growing up, Aunt Lisa never made me doubt how much she loved me, whether it was stopping by the places I worked for lunch when I was bartending my way through college or constantly telling me how proud I made her.  Her presence, influence and encouragement makes me want to be the best person I can be.  I never have had the chance to tell her before, but all of those times she made me feel invited and welcome, the times she would get me little presents, or holding me as the tears filled the empty void that seemed to suck in the words I could not seem to find when I knew no one else could understand the way she would on the first Thanksgiving after my Grandma passed meant the world to me.  She is always on the go.  Four kids who always need to go to some type of sporting event, dance recital, or Boy Scout event....ummm...and did I mention that she is a Pediatrician.  No big deal.   This superwoman does it all.  That's how us Douthit's roll.   :)   
I can see the strength, integrity, intelligence, and manners that you have instilled through demonstration in Katie.  As you can clearly see, she is beautiful and may have one of the best smiles ever.  What you do not know is everything else she is.  Smart.   A talented dancer.  So respectful of others.  A go out of her way to help (especially with those 3 younger siblings).  Family Oriented.  Giving, and expecting nothing in return.  Humble.  Responsible.  Loving.   All of those qualities that I know must make my Aunt Lisa so proud to call Katie her daughter.  

Remember I mentioned how Katie is a dancer?  We went to her studio to finish up the session.....I mean is it possible to stay up on your toes like this...!?!?!? 
Lots of LeLe Behind the Lens fun at this shoot.   Naturally.    :)   
Planking around Kirkwood....
We are such losers.   It's okay.  We're good with it.   :) 


Anonymous said...

great photos. wow artistic beautiful and fun too!!! wonderful work. a friend of your aunt lisa's - kim pannell

Anonymous said...

These pictures are stunning! You really captured a wonderful side of Katie! I guess all sides are pretty wonderful! :) I met the LeLes when they were young at Lisa and Chuck's wedding rehearsal, it's nice to see how wonderful you two have turned out too! I especially loved your sweet words about your sweet aunt! from Regina, Katie's aunt

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, joyous photos. And such a lovely tribute to my friend Lisa!
Mimi Menousek

Anonymous said...

Thank you girls for your beautiful work, your beautiful words, and just for being yourselves. I love you both!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! One of my favorites is the one in black and white standing on her toes! Unfortunately my kids are all past their senior years. I love what you wrote about Lisa. She's a wonderful person!