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October 16, 2011

One Year Journey: Lola's 1st Birthday

One year ago, we arrived at another Itty Bitty Session.  We were not only welcomed into the home of Jan and Mike, we were welcomed into their lives that day.  We met and fell in love with Lola.   Two weeks later, Jan's mom contacted us and wanted to surprise Jan by having me show up to document her baptism.  That was not the end of it, I also continued to watch Lola grow and captured her 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 1 year, and on this day, her 1st Birthday Party.   Jan lives by the "Go big or Go Home" standard.   Her Birthday Party was perfectly planned out with an entire owl theme.  From her cake, to the owl pops, to the "Look Whoo's One!" cookies.....everything went together perfectly.   Jan and Mike were able to sit back at the party and not have to worry about taking pictures of every little thing that they had put so much care and attention into.  That is what we were there for!  :)   It was a milestone day seeing one of our LeLe Itty Bitties blow out her solo candle.   As any parent can attest to, babies change daily during that first year.   I am so happy that I was able to document their first year as a family.   :)   Happy Birthday Lola!   :)    

View Lola's Bday Slideshow HERE.

Thank you for the unforgettable year, the memories, the friendships, the thoughtful gifts, and being exactly who you are.   :)  We are yet again blessed for people like you walking into our lives.   :)   Love you!  


Debbie Reid said...

How fun!

Annie Kunderman said...

What a great post! Mike & Jan, Lola is a doll! You guys take some some amazing photo's! Where do you get all of your fun itty bitty hats? They are adoreable!!