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November 28, 2011

Family from the Picture Frame

Have you ever taken the time to notice that family, the smile of that nameless person that fills up the picture frame before you buy it.   That family that is so picture perfect?    That is all I could think as I spent the morning capturing Renee and her family's pictures.   Sure enough, each child that hopped out of their backseat was as adorable as the last!   It almost took my breath away, as I said, "You have SUCH a beautiful, beautiful family." gets better.......she has some of the most well behaved children I have ever had the honor to capture.   They listen, they are respectful, they are funny, they are smart, and they listened to every word of direction their parents or myself gave them.   I actually wrote her after the session to applaud their parenting skills.   I actually met Renee when I was capturing a Labor and Delivery.  She was the doc performing the c-section.  She had this cool, calm and easy demeanor about her.   She had one of the best bedside manners I have ever seen from a doctor.   Well....basically and your entire family blew me away.    I absolutely loved meeting each and every one of you!      
I also designed their Holiday card.   It is a super cute tri-fold card.   the top row is the outside of the card, and the bottom is the inside......

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Zymeth Blues said...

A smile from a family member means a lot. You look so cute together. Where were you when you took this picture? Also, is Lele a family member too? She's very good at photography.