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November 12, 2011

Meet the Voglers: Danny & Katie

"But when all is said and done, I know that you are still the one.
You're the only one."
Black Keys. The Only One

Very rarely do you meet someone who has it all.   Meet Katie.  She has looks that make me feel like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue.  Beautiful Blonde hair.  The biggest brown eyes.  A smile that can make your day.  She is the total package, and can turn every head in the room.   Then you talk to her, and it does not take very much to see that she has a heart of gold to match the looks.  Caring and loving.  More than anything, genuine.  During the toasts, I remember asking myself to describe Katie in one word.  Genuine was the one word that I kept going back to.  No joke, her maid of honor began describing Katie to those who may not be as close to her with one word....Genuine.

On the morning of Katie and Danny's wedding we entered her parents dreamlike cabin and immediately were hugged and welcomed.  I see where Katie gets her graciousness from.  Her family is just as lovely as her.  I take it as a sign that your client likes you when they try to set you up with a family member.  So when Katie started telling me that she was going to set me up with her brother before she even had her dress on, I took this as the biggest form of flattery she could have given.  :)   

Katie and Danny: I absolutely adore you, the families you came from, your love and everything you two represent.  I have never felt the emotion I could feel and the love I felt amidst all of the guests during your wedding ceremony.  It was quite apparent how many people you are truly loved by.  LeLe included.  Thank you.

 Love this one.  Katie had to bust a little move after getting that dress on.  :)

Katie and Danny met in high school.  I remember asking her if that "I love you" and in love love feeling is just as strong.  There is nothing better than falling in love and having that feeling which only that one person can ignite in you.  I asked her this, because after 10 years of dating, I could see that same spark that I see in couples who just started dating.  She looked at him, and I could see he is her world.  He looks at her with eyes full of adoration.   They flirt.  They love.  They give each other their all.  Her response to my question was simple, direct, and full of conviction she looked me straight in the  eyes and said, "He is my best friend.   I think I fall in love with him more everyday.  I find something new that I love all of the time."
Katie and Danny opted for the first look.   Such a beautiful moment.   
 The moment Katie's brother saw his sis all dressed up on her big day.  So cute.
 You ladies could not be any more perfect if you tried.  :)

 Moments before the ceremony.....

 I absolutely adore this shot of Katie with her dad.

 If you would like to keep you party going and the dance floor packed, I highly suggest Downtime!  This band knew what the people wanted!!!!
 Katie had a special end to the evening with paper lanterns.  BEAUTIFUL!
 Check out Katie and Danny's Slideshow HERE.

And here is a flashback to their adorable engagement session, complete with guitar.  :)

Katie & Danny.   Saint Louis, Missouri

Vendor Hookups:
Ceremony and Reception Location: Wine Country Gardens.  Defiance, Missouri
Florist: Focus on Design
Band: Downtime
Cake: Schnucks Bakery
Hair/Makeup: Carolyn Parker
Dress: Allure Couture from Amore
Shoe: Ivanka Trump
Bridesmaid Dresses : Ann Taylor

1st Dance: Wonderful Tonight
Father Daughter: What a Wonderful World
Mother Son: Simple Man

Behind the Lens LeLe fun:

Recognize these two?  Danny was a groomsman in their wedding last June that we were lucky enough to capture.  As you can see, they had a little bun in the oven who has just arrived!  Welcome baby girl Hager!!!  :)
Last words from Miss Katie herself:
If you could go back to your wedding day, knowing now how the day went, is there anything you would change or suggest to other brides? The day flys by, so be sure and take time outs to soak it all in- one minute you're getting your hair done, the next minute you're dancing the night away with your husband- its incredible how fast it happens. And be sure to relax- everything will be perfect- you're marrying your best friend :)

What were your top 3 favorite moments/memories from your wedding day? Seeing my dad tear up when he saw me for the first time, my first look at the reception all decorated, and the best moment of all was walking down the aisle to marry my best friend. 

Last words on the LeLe experience:  You made us feel so comfortable- like we'd been friends forever- and it really shows through in our pictures. We love your energy and spontaneity. We had so much fun with you both and highly recommend you to anyone and everyone.

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