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November 15, 2011

Sneak Peek of BirthStories in the Works

Sometimes I stay up too late working......but on nights like tonight, it is understandable.  I have been piecing together not one, not two. but three LeLe BirthStories.  I couldn't work this hard this late and not share a little sneak peek with you all.......

1st.  Meet Ashley and Jake.   I can NOT wait to share their story with you.   I felt like Ashley had been my long lost best friend within talking to her for hmmm....about 30 seconds!  :)   I am blessed because this couple came into my life.  
2. I would not have met Jake and Ashley with out Diane.   If this family looks familiar, that is because we captured their first BirthStory with Marni and her 1st Birthday Pictures.  Oh....and she happens to be Ashley's doctor who also happens to be a doctor herself.   :)

 3rd: Meet Jessii and Steve.   I knew I would love them the moment Jessii let me know she was totally down with my idea for a sunrise Maternity session.  That's right, we woke up this summer and met up at 6:30am, and captured the entire sunrise for their Ripe Belly Session.  
So much more to come.....Get excited. :)   Please excuse the typos.....Me and Zoey are off to bed now!  :)   Night!   xo

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