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December 14, 2011

Meet Luke.....and the LeLe Mascot......

First and foremost, I would like to introduce to the Laughlin's newest arrival....Mr. Luke!!!    We were there to capture his big sis' BirthStory and 1st year.  This family has grown near, dear and close to my heart.   If you happen to find yourself in the Labor and Delivery department at St. John's, and you are lucky enough to have Lesley as your nurse, you will see how easy it is to fall in love with her and her entire family.   Sweet, kind, funny, and always there to girl talk with.   :)  Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!!!    For her birth announcement, we designed a nice little combo of a Christmas Card and Birth Announcement.  

And now.......a little behind the scenes action of my baby.....ZOEY, also known as, the zoe-ster, zoe-zoe, zoe-cifer, BOO-BOOOOO, zsa-zsa....well the list goes on and on.   It is hard for me to believe she will be 6 on Christmas Eve.    I guess she is a little used to having the camera pointed in her face.  It is to the point where she will sit exactly where I tell her to, lay her head down when I say, "sleep like a baby." and even falls asleep during the shoot.....seriously...Here are some I could not NOT post.......I may be a little biased...but how cute is she!!??!
 She is not amused.....    

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