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March 29, 2012

Engaged: Amy & Trent

There is something so special about family.   They are the people you share the most important days of the year with.   They are the ones you share traditions, memories, and sentimental moments with.   Amy is my cousin.  We are only a few years apart.   Growing up, we were together when Grandma would make us our Peaches n' Cream oatmeal.    What makes family so special, is that they grew up with the same memories as yourself.   The little things that mean something to you mean something to know it without speaking a word.   When someone talks about California Raisins or Uncle Brother's, I know that only Amy and a select few would know what I was thinking about.  We spent more than our holidays together, we also spent our summers together.   Our families always went on our summer vacations together.   We have done everything from Disneyworld to a RV adventure.   Yes we drove (in an RV) from St. Louis all the way thru Michigan into Canada and back.   Talk about some quality time.  :)  Then there was the time we drove to Colorado.   Both of our families and Grandma.   Keep in mind, our dads are the "we aren't stopping till we get there" kind of dads.  Consider it a divine act from a higher power to get to stop at a gas station and use their restroom.    No matter how many eye rolls were rolled after I continually asked, "Now why can't we just fly there?!"....when I look back at those trips, it is the moments during those long drives that I remember just as vividly, if not more, than the places we were headed to.   I guess what they say is life what matters is the journey, not the destination.    

We have been there by each other's sides during the roughest moments in our lives and I am beyond honored to be there to capture the happiest moment of Amy's.   I see how Trent looks at Amy, how he respects her, and how he adores her.   I may be a little biased, but I can not see how anyone could not.  :)   Amy- I wish you could see yourself like I see you, and I know your dad and little sister's see you.   You are driven, beautiful, smart, independent, thoughtful, down to earth, big-hearted, kind, and the kind of person who would drop everything she had going to be there for someone else.  I know you hear it all the time, but I see so much of your mother in you.  I hope you know how proud I know that Aunt Cindy and Grandma must be when they look down upon woman that you have become.    

xoxo-Love you, Ash.  

 Amy's parents are not only my Uncle and Aunt, they are my Godparents.  A little over an hour away you can find hundreds of acres that belong to Amy's family.   It was our little home away from home get-away.   Not too close  to home, but far enough to feel like we were getting away from it all.   My childhood is filled with memories of being at Uncle Dennis', learning how to fish, riding the four wheelers, finding pet turtles on the gravel road, and the fish-frys and how could I ever forget the smell of those biscuits and gravy that would creep into our rooms acting as an alarm clock to tell us it was time to start the day.   When we were deciding on a place for Amy and Trent's engagement session, Alicea and I knew this was simply the location we had to shoot in.  : )   

A little behind the lens action!   Oh yeah....and Uncle Dennis on the four wheeler!  He even had a fish fry waiting on the kitchen table when we were all done with the shoot!!   Fresh fish caught that day might I remind you!! :)   

Watch their slideshow HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so proud of my nieces!

Amy, you look amazing, and both you and Trent look so happy. I'm so proud of you, and I can't wait to share your big day! Ashley is right, your Mom and Grandma are smiling down on you!

And Ashley and Alicea, the photos are amazing! You are very talented girls! And the blog is beautiful, too! In addition to taking photos, you are amazing writers, too! I love you all!

Aunt Lisa

LeLe Photography said...

We love you too Aunt Lisa!!! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments! <3