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June 28, 2012

Kelly & Grant: Engaged

There is nothing like seeing a man who knows how to cherish the woman in his life.   A man who tells her she is his world, but he honestly has no need to say a word, because his actions say it all.  This is what I see when I see Kelly & Grant.  I have known Kelly for a long, long time.   Eleven years to be exact.    Knowing her entire family, I know she comes from good people.  Anyone marrying into this big family should know how lucky they are.  I could hear it in Grant's words.   I could see it in his actions.   He knows how lucky he is, and this is one couple I am not only proud to call my friends, I am honored to be there to capture this big love.    September 8th will be here before we know it!!  
Look at these beautiful piercing blue eyes!!!    LOVE! 
Thank you two for trusting me when I asked you to lay down on the concrete basketball court as your neighbor looked at us with a concerned, "Are they CrayCray?" look.   This pic turned out to be one of my favorites of the day. :) 
Then we headed to where Kelly & Grant had their first date, JP's.    If anyone is from around the area, you know it's not exactly the first date spot, it' s more of a hole in the wall/sports bar.....maybe 4th date kind of place.   :)   Long story.....plans got switched around, and somehow they ended up meeting here instead of their original meeting place.   It is a place that will always be special to the two of them, and each and every time they look back on that night fate brought them to JP's instead of whatever fact restaurant they had in mind, they will look back and smile.

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