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September 13, 2012

Meet the Spencers: Kelly & Grant

Each and every weekend I go into my job as being a photographer truly loving what I do.  I love the excitement and girl talk in the mornings as everyone is getting ready.   I love the sweet things that are said and the sweet, sweet looks that are given between the bride and groom.   The looks that are meant for only each other, but somehow I am lucky enough to be there to capture it.   I love the moment when I can see the nerves in the bride or groom moments before they see each other at a first look.   I love hearing what they write to each other on the morning of their big day.   I love when the brides mother and father see her all put together.   Their little girl, all dressed in white.  The same little girl that they once held in their arms and are about to give away to the man they will be calling their son in law.  I love seeing the million of thoughts running through their mind seconds before they walk down the aisle.   I love seeing the beaming smiles from the bride's closest family and friends.   OH....and let's not forget the moment they say their vows and pronounce them husband and wife.  I also am quite the sucker for toasts (especially sister ones) and dances.    From start to finish, I love so many moments throughout the day.   What I love more than anything, is never knowing what kind of moment is going to be created by the love that each bride and groom share week in and week out.  

Kelly & Grant are no different.   I actually met Kelly in junior high.   Blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect dimples when she smiles her big smile are just a few of the first things you notice upon meeting Kel.   It is easy to see why Grant fell for Kelly so fast and so easy.    Another thing about Kelly...she comes from a big family.   Grant was not just marrying Kel, he was becoming a part of the Houska family.  This is a family that sticks together and are all blessed with those pretty blue eyes, blonde hair and good looks.   But more than the good looks, they encompass everything that I love about family.   They are in it together.   It is easy to see and feel as an outsider looking in.  Marrying into a big family like this one can be a blessing, or it could probably be a pretty scary thing.   Seeing the way Grant loved, adored and cherished Kel, it is clearly a blessing.  Kelly - It is so hard to believe that I met you about 14 years ago.  We have been through school together, we have shared tough experiences in our own personal lives, and we have been through some of the most memorable high school experiences together.   This day tops it all.   To say that I got to be there to witness a man who so clearly loves you and shows me what is truly possible to share with someone is something I will never take for granted.   Love, many more future blessing, and the best of wishes to the two of you as you begin your journey together.  :)      
Kelly and her mom recreating a moment between Kelly's grandma and great grandma (Same dresser and everything!)....
Then it was off to the first look filled with big smiles, kisses, and more ear to ear grins.

This wedding had an overload of cute kids!   You can be your own judge....
And this.....THIS photo could seriously be the newest ad for Apple's next campaign.  Either that or it could be a photo of my last two boyfriends as little boys together. 
Then we were off to the ceremony.   The Oakland House made for the perfect venue on this picturesque September day wedding.   
Kelly and Grant held their wedding reception somewhere extremely sentimental.   Kelly's family owns one of my favorite summer spots, Indian Hills Swim Club.    They transformed their home away from home into a place filled with candles, twinkle lights, beautiful details, and everything that set the stage for a beautiful personalized wedding reception.   They even had Kelly's grandma's wedding dress on display in the entrance foyer!   OH....and I can not forget the cake topper!   I LOVED it!!!   

As soon as Kelly and her father finished their first dance, I look over at my sister across the dance floor, and sure enough, both of us are crying behind our cameras.   Such a sweet, sweet moment.
These guys knew how to party!   :)  

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Carolyn Burke said...

Beautiful couple, beautiful locations, beautiful photography.