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October 17, 2012

Meet the Knorrs: Sally + Richie

One Love.  One Heart.  Let's get together & feel all right.   
-Bob Marley

There are so many things I admire about Sally.   She is a perfect example of beauty, inside and out.  She is the kind of friend people wish they had, and I truly feel blessed to have.  She goes out of her way to be a shoulder to lean on, an ear to hear your problems, or a cheerleader to support you when you are feeling that ting of doubt within.  She is one of the hardest workers I know.   Never expecting a thing to be handed down to her, she works her butt off to have everything that she has.    Not only does she work hard, she loves just as hard.   I always knew Richie was a lucky man to have a woman as amazing as Sally in his life, but after spending this important day with them and their families, I realize that they are both the lucky ones.   The adoration and gratitude that this groom feels for his bride is something you can feel.  He is there for her, and he knows with out a doubt that this is the woman he wants by his side, forever. Richie's family made a lasting impression on me this day.  I could feel the connection between them, the love between them, and that feeling that people go their entire life wishing that they had.  The feeling of being so connected that you know nothing could ever come between you.   Leading by example, Richie's parents have been a display of what is truly important in this life.    Things come and go, but when you can find that person to stand by your side thru thick and thin, it makes this journey all worthwhile.   Richie- I know with out a doubt that Sally is that woman who has the strength, dedication, love and work ethic to provide the kind of family that is as close as the Knorr Family I witnessed on your wedding day.    Love you both! 

 I love me some shoes.    I had to go a little overboard on capturing these red-sole'd beauties!  :)    And Sally had me so very proud....she wore these shoes the entire day....not one complaint!  :) Trooper!
 Sally is super close with her father and her brother.   She has not only one, but two strong influential and loving men in her life that have played a huge role in shaping her into the beautiful woman she is today.    She opted for a first look with the two of them.   This moment was full of tears and love.  
 Then I found this random alley.........Love finding random treasures while shooting!
Seeing how proud Sally's father was to be the man to walk his little girl down the aisle, dance with her was moving.    It happened to not only be a celebration for Sally + Richie's wedding day, but it was also her father's birthday.    Being the thoughtful lady that she is, she made sure to shine a spotlight on her father's special milestone.   Look closely, I think you can see a tear in his eye.   :) 

Ceremony: Peace Lutheran
Reception Venue: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Transportation: Fun Tyme Limo
Cake: Harter's Bakery
Hair/Makeup: Salon Fleur De Lis -Hair: Alicia Strobl - Makeup: Klsey Williamson
Dress:  Simply Elegant Bridal
Shoes: Christian Louboutins


Carolyn Burke said...

Great photography. Love the BLUE.

Anonymous said...

Sally and Richie's photos are gorgeous! Oh, and the shoes, Sally! Love them!