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March 14, 2013

Welcome Itty Bitty Kirna

I knew I wanted to come up with something extra special for Miss Kirna and her Birth Announcement. I wanted to incorporate every bit of what her makes her family who they are.  A little vintage twist for the passion of music that creates a bond between them.   A little flair of the simplistic, modern look which showcases their style topped off with a little feminine touch thru the shabby-chic feel of the design.   I can not begin to tell you how much I loved this family.     Everything from their taste in good music, to our shared sense of humor and taste in decorating, and of course our shared love for KM2 Shoes (who is responsible for making the awesome headbands) and Cha Boutique (the boutique that carries this one of a kind accessories - and lots of other fashion finds).   Here is the design I came up side of it is the left 1/2 and the other side is the right 1/2.    To top off the special theme, they even are going to come in special craft envelopes (brown, recycled paper).   
During the session, in walked big sister, Sonora.  Here is Sonora in a nutshell....    

The cutest little girl ever that happens to love listening to music and watching her dad play the guitar who likes to dress herself, usually in her favorite cowboy boots + anything girly + sparkly things + km2 headbands.    She is full of laughter and fills the entire room with laughter when she shares her sense of humor with those around her.   And as for the cherry on top, she LOVESSSS posing and being in front of the camera.    I felt like I was staring at the child version of myself.       

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Mark M. said...

This is so great! You guys(gals) are awesome!