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October 16, 2013

Meet the Knifongs: Amy & Trent

Writer's block is a real thing.     I have been wanting to write this blog since last December.   I have had the photos all picked out, lined up and ready to go.   Only one thing missing now, the story to go along with the photos.    Except here lies the problem....Finding the words to tell the story of the wedding day, the love I saw, and telling the background story in a way that would do it justice felt impossible.   One thing I failed to mention, Amy is my cousin.   Her parents are not only my Aunt and Uncle, but also my Godparents.  We grew up together, vacationed together, and shared the best Grandma in the whole world.   As I let the pressure intimidate me for months upon months, I prayed for guidance to tell the story in a way that was worthy of how much this day and these people meant to me.   I filled notebooks with the things I wanted to say and memories that came to mind all the while hoping the words I was searching for would just fall out onto the notepad.   It was this past weekend, that some type of light bulb went off and provided a new sense of clarity.   I realized I just had to do it.   Sit down, turn off the Hulu+ and Netflix, and let the words come out, and know that it IS indeed good enough, because everything I am about to share is from the heart, and as real as it gets.

There are certain things you remember your entire life.   Weekends at Uncle Dennis' and Aunt Cindy's lake house are one of those memories.   Amy and I were the closest in age out of all of the Douthit cousins.   Our Dad's are pretty close as well, which explains why my Dad chose Amy's parents to be God Parents.  I can still smell the way the aroma of biscuits and gravy would fill the entire lake house as Aunt Cindy would make us breakfast.  I can remember my toes sinking into the mud at the bank of the lake as we anxiously waited to hop on the boat with our dads.  Two young girls, and two dads who taught us where to find all of the good spots on the lake, how to cast our fishing line, and how very important family is.  Amy and I were so proud to be fishing right by our dad's sides all day on the lake.
I was beyond humbled when Amy asked Alicea and I to shoot her wedding.   I can not begin to tell you how much it meant to me to be in charge of capturing the tears, laughs, moments and love that took place on October 13, 2012.  Amy knew that certain parts of the day were not going to be easy.  There was one person who could not be there.  Our family lost Aunt Cindy eight years ago.  Before she passed, Amy's mother and father had not one, but two surprises to add to the family....two little sisters (Madison and Lizzie).  They were two and four at the time they lost their mom, and without hesitation, Amy stepped up and was there to help her father raise these two sweet little ladies, all the while finishing college and nursing school.   With each passing year, Amy became even more of a spitting image of their beautiful mother.    Amy and Aunt Cindy share the same careers, the same nurturing love, an unwavering strength, a desire to work hard for everything they have, compassion, and a beauty just as big on the inside as it is on the outside.   Amy grew up experiencing the love that her mother and father shared first hand, and wanted to provide that same kind of example to her two little sisters.  As she exchanged vows, I could see these two little girls looking up to Amy the same way I used to see Amy look up to her own mother.
 I recently read an article about losing someone you love.   The article talked about how each Autumn, the leaves will change and then fall from the trees.   Although we miss the pretty colors and fullness that the leaves provided, we do not cry when they are replaced with the winter cold.  This is because we find the beauty in the death of these leaves.   We may not be able to see them during the cold winter months, but when the time is right, we will see their beauty once again.   I immediately thought of Amy's perfect fall themed wedding.   Aunt Cindy may not physically be able to be here, but one thing I know through faith, is that when the time is right, we will all be together again.   There is no doubt in my mind that Grandma was there holding Aunt Cindy's hand as they watched Uncle Dennis walk Amy down the aisle last October 13th.   Everyone in Amy's presence could feel it, because there was a special kind of love that was shining from you, a light that can only come from a special place.   They say that a mother's love is endless.  The small rain shower right before the reception was no coincidence, it was the holes in the floor of heaven.   Your day was perfect, and I just want you to know how very loved and special you are.   I could not be more happy to welcome Trent into our crazy little family.  :)
My cousin, Amy on her wedding day.

Hair and Makeup: My Sister, Alicea Hermeyer 
Ceremony: St. Peters Catholic Church
Reception: Old Hickory Golf Club
Flowers: Les Bouquets
Cake: Lubeleys Bakery
Photobooth: UnScripted by LeLe Photography
DJ: Joe Fingerhut with Complete Music
Dress : Enzoani from Maiden Voyage Bridal
Transportation: JED Transportation
Chair Covers: The Chair Cover Company

Here is a recap from their Engagement Session.


Anonymous said...

I met Amy and Cindy thru a friend of mine. Both very incredible women. Your photos are beautiful and you captured so much more in them than just a smile or a certain pose. What you wrote is also very beautiful. So glad Amy shared this on FB. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Cindy and I had an immediate "I feel like I've known you for a long time". I have a son that is mentally challenged and we shared certain thoughts. Again, you have done a beautiful tribute.

Tom & Nancy Aldinger said...

Your article and pictures are a beautiful tribute to Cindy, Amy and the family. I am a Texas cousin of Dennis'. My Dad - Clifford Douthitt is Paul Douthit's brother. Thank you for sharing.