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May 10, 2009

To The Sky!!!

Happy Mothers Day to the best Mommy in the whole wide world!!! Thank you for all of your love, strength and support! We love you to the sky!!!
~Alicea & Ashley

and now.... a little trip down memory lane. :)
Back in the good old days, our brother, Scott, and us used to drive mom insane. No literally, I don't know how she did it!!!! When we'd fight and scream and argue mom would grab a wooden spoon and then you better LOOK OUT! So one day we were being bad and mom grabs the spoon and smacks it on the counter so we'd know she was serious and it broke right in half! As mad as she was, she couldn't keep a straight face when we all started cracking up.
Fast forward 20 years and I'm emptying my dishwasher and a wooden spoon got stuck in the rack and broke in half... Immediately I laughed remembering that day she broke the spoon and I put it in my drawer 6 months ago and said I'm SO saving this for Mothers Day!! :)

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Anonymous said...

My girl's; I am so proud of you both. I love the picture. Mom