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September 9, 2009

Our Trip to Tampa!!

If you saw our post from Shawna's Trash the Dress Session a month ago, then you know that we took a little trip to the Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area for a series of mini-sessions. Our first session of the the day was an engagement session. As soon as I saw the town we were going to be shooting in, I fell in love. The small city right outside of Tampa was called Ybor City. It has a Latin flair in every corner, and there is something new to discover in every nook and cranny of the 4 mile radius that is Ybor. Colors, Textures, interesting people....Ybor had it all!! :)

Now that we have Ybor's introduction, let me introduce you to this adorable couple, Tanner and Alé!! The story goes as follows...Boy meets girl. Girl falls head over heels in love. Boy asks girl to spend her life with him. Girl says yes. Girl and Boy pick awesome photographers to take their engagement pics in the coolest part of town..... :) :)

But, in all seriousness...they were completely down to earth and awesome to work with. Thank you both for such a fun day!! :)

She's so pretty.... :)

Next location....Tanner's mini! :) Don't worry, no scratches, we were careful!

I love the Italian guys in the background of this one! They could not keep their eyes off of Tanners beautiful soon-to-be bride!!

and....I love this one too....

*****************AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST************************
This was the last shot I took of the day (even though it was one of the 1st ones I wanted to take) & it turned out being my favorite of the day!!!! Just goes to show, anytime there is a shot you want to take, TAKE IT!!! :)

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