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August 25, 2010

I am "that Mom"

My daughter started soccer a few weeks ago. I think there is nothing cuter than my little girly girl in soccer shorts and shin guards with her hair in a pony. Let me say when I say girly girl, I'm talking my daughter lives in dresses. My neighbors have even commented... "She's like a doll" "I have never seen her in anything but a dress" "She is like a little princess" I mean my kid does not own a pair of jeans and hasn't for the last two years. BUT, let me say she will wear that dress and not be afraid to get dirty climbing a tree, playing with Tanker and Bella (our puppies) fishing with her Daddy or washing a car with her Grandpa. She had a few practices and then, last weekend, she had a tournament. The game starts and I don't know what came over me, but my rear flew out of the seat when my kid had the ball! I was rooting her on... okay yelling, GO GO GO!! KICK IT!! TO THE GOAL!! I was so proud of my baby! Aunt Ashley even came to one of her games and after about 3 minutes she was ready to sit with the other team. She was like, "Alicea, you are scaring the children." I wasn't really. Right?? Even my mother lost her voice! I started trying to be quiet so my sister wouldn't leave me out of embarassment and then my mother started screaming, "KICK THE BALL GIRLS!!" My mom and I were helping, coaching, rooting and cheering... It's funny I never knew all that would come out of me. Some moms chat, some moms text, I'm that mom who's yelling and cheering like a mad woman. But I'm okay with that. I am paying attention to my girl and my kid knows I am there.


Grandma said...

I have to say that I wasn't yelling as loud as "that Mom". I hope you can tone it down a touch for future games. I remember when Ashley was a cheerleader & one of the parents screamed the entire games. :)

Ashley said...

I think my exact words were, "Your voice is going to give these children nightmares tonight!" Let's just tone it down a little so people do not think you are crazy. Love you! :)

Alicea Hermeyer said...

LOL! Mom, I think I yelled at those cheerleading games too as a matter of fact, they won EVERY game I attended. I like to think it was my 'rooting, cheering and hollering' that helped them to victory!

J said...

Um, I definitely need one of her jerseys. Go everyone for enthusiasm! AND SOCCER!

(this is cousin Jen)