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November 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Marni!!

How quick a year goes by. We met Miss Marni a year ago while capturing her BirthStory... David and Diane's excitement for their baby on the way... The moment they realized the baby was in fact a daughter... Their smiles and beaming pride so full of love for their beautiful baby girl. Being there for such an amazing part of life creates a bond that is kind of like a distant relative I would say. We get together occasionally... We catch up on things... We take some pictures... And most of all, we love to see the babies grow! :)

Happy Birthday Marni!

Daddy loves to make Marni laugh and he has 101 ways to do it! David, will you be our prop when we shoot kids? please??


Love the tongue, love the teeth, love the toes, love the tu-tu. Just love it.

I love this one! She looks totally up to something!!
Momma's girl...
I love how they love her.
She will be running across these floors in no time!
At least me jumping around made Mom & Dad laugh... :)

Awww... Enjoy these little moments with her. Really lock those memories into your brain because time really flies and you will miss this. Trust me, it's not so easy to do with my almost 6 year old!
Again with the two little teeth! LOVE!
She has her Daddy's eyes...
It is time to get serious...
Marni loves cupcakes.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

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