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January 2, 2011

The Best Kind of Surprise

Elisabeth and Joe had booked their Ripe Belly Session months in advance. The date was set, and they were ready to go. The weather was not our friend that day, and we had to reschedule. I ended up getting REALLY sick on our rescheduled day, and so yet again, we were forced to reschedule. Later that week, I was feeling as good as new, and knew that the third time would be a charm. As soon as I pulled into the driveway of their beautiful home, I was welcomed with big smiles and lots of excitement. :) I learned a little bit more about the two of them. Elisabeth is an OB/GYN and Joe is a High School Photography Teacher! I truly admire Joe's profession, because my high school photography class helped me discover the first thing I had a true passion for, the art of photography. I wish I could get a hold of my old photog teacher today. I would take the time to thank him and make sure that he realizes that his class changed, shaped, and molded my life and future.

Within the first ten minutes of meeting Joe and Elisabeth, I also realized they love surprises. They are having the best kind of surprise by waiting to find out if their baby on the way is a boy or girl. I absolutely LOVE surprises. Growing up, Alicea was always the one who would sneak into the Christmas presents to find out what Santa was bringing her. Not me! I wanted the surprise. I wanted the anticipation and excitement. After being present in several Labor and Delivery rooms, there is such an element of sheer joy when the father calls out "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" Joe and Elisabeth are also not sharing their name choices with anyone! They want that to be a surprise also. Trust me, I tried to pry it out of them.....I was all, "Come can tell the photographer, right?!!" :) Wrong...they are keeping that between the two of them! I have been known to be right a couple times here and there when it comes to guessing the sex of the baby. My guess this time.....Girl. :) We will find out in about two weeks!

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