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August 17, 2011

Bradford & Ebony : Headed to the Chapel!

There has been a camera documenting my life since the afternoon I was born 26 years ago.   Let me give you a little background on my parents so you can begin to understand and probably realize why photography encompasses such a major piece of who I am.   First there's my dad.  He is quite the avid photographer.  He calls it a hobby, others call it annoying....especially people who could care less about taking pictures of every attraction on a vacation.  Pausing to document every moment is perfectly normal to me.  Every single family outing consisted of, "Oh wait! We need a picture of this!" and "Smile for the camera!" and "Over here!".   Vacations consisted of "Hold on."  "Gotta get a picture of everyone in front of this." and "Come on kids....come stand with this giant Precious Moment." No honestly, I have a picture of me and my little brother at the Precious Moment chapel, with Timmy the Precious Moment Mascot guy.

Believe me, this behavior did not end with my mom is just as much to blame for a couple reasons.   #1: She needs a picture to document every activity, first day of school, holiday, blowing out of the candles, and let's not forget the "stand in front of the mantle" picture.  #2:  Some of my earliest memories are of my mom having me pose with my hand on my hip.  I can close my eyes, imagine myself as that two year old, and hear her saying those same six words I now cringe when I hear Alicea say to my niece, "Put your hand on your hip!"   Like a trained circus performer, at the age of 6, Madi is already conditioned to have that hand on her hip before the camera has even exited the case.  From one generation to the next, we never stood a chance.

(In case you need photo documentation proof.....3 years old & already rockin' the hand on the hip)

I make growing up with a camera in your face sound worse than it is.  Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  As much as people say they will not become their parents, I am proud to admit that I have became that 'must document every moment or you will forget it & it never really happened with out a picture of it' kind of person.  At times, I wish I could enjoy the moment instead of being so wrapped up in acting as the historian to my own life. My photographs are my everything.  The moments when I am happy, the little moments, the milestone moments, and the moments that would surely slip my mind are forever captured.  I can hold the memories of my life in my hand.  When I look back at moments like the one of me and my brother at that cheesy chapel in Branson.....Instantaneously, I am brought back to a memory shared with my brother.  A memory that I surely would have forgotten unless I had that picture of me and my brother, two pre-teens mortified as our Dad made us stop to pose with Timmy the Precious Moment. Taking pictures is the one way I can ensure that I will never forget how I felt at that exact moment.  Each snapshot that I take is a little piece of my life that I want to keep with me always.  I know this has to be part of the reason why I put my heart and soul into what I do for my clients.  I know what these memories mean to me.

Another perk of growing up with my parents.....I am as comfortable in front of the camera as I am singing out of tune in the car by myself.    Sometimes I forget how intimidating posing in front of a camera can be for some people.  I have to remind myself that everyone did not grow up with the paparazzi as parents (and a sister).

Yes....I really have always been like this in front of the camera  (shot set up and taken by Alicea) ---------->

When Bradford and Ebony arrived (on one of the hottest days of the year) for their engagement session, I was ready to go.....but Ebony kept telling me how nervous she was.   "WHAT!??!"  I said......"Nervous!?!??'s just me!!!"  I thought she was kidding, but no, she told me again that her nerves had been getting the best of her all day.  I did my best to make her feel comfortable and suddenly remembered that I knew exactly how she felt when it came to something else......the video camera.  I can be talking a mile a minute and as soon as I realize the tapes are rolling and documenting forever every single move I make.....I freeze.  I do not know if it is the flashing red light that puts me in a trance or the constant reminder of how I grew up with my sister telling me I had the most annoying voice in the world....or those two things combined, but I go blank.  Alicea finds it hilarious.  Her nickname for me is Garth,  as in Garth Algar from Wayne's World, who is known for freezing when the camera was directed at him.   Yeah, I'm Garth.     With this connection in mind....I could suddenly empathize completely with how Ebony must have felt.  I reassured her and told her there was absolutely no reason to be nervous.  It was just me, her, and the man she loved hanging out.   I told her the same thing I say to everyone who tries to tell me they can't do "the look"....."Give it 10 minutes & you will be rocking out these poses like a pro."  And rock them out she did.   The nerves quickly passed and as promised, it was like old friends, laughing, talking wedding, and sharing jokes.   No Garth here.....

They also got let in on the famous, "TWITA!"   There is no other phrase to better describe the way you two rocked out this session.......

 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!????  LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

My love for music is no secret.  My favorite part about a wedding....the first dance.  I always have to know what their song is.  I feel it is one of the biggest decisions of the day.   Choosing one song that will introduce you as Mr. and Mrs, show everything that you have been together, and be the song that every time you hear for the rest of your lives you will be taken to that that moment on the day your first said, "I do."  They both loved John Legend and were not set on a song....but kind of liked "Slow Dance." I told them about one of his songs that I love.  It is in a lot of my yoga playlists and one of the sweetest love songs I have ever heard.  As we walked through the park with "Stay With You" playing thru my iPhone....the chills running down my arms let me know this song was a perfect fit for this couple.  Okay excited was I when she texted me and let me know that is the song they chose!!!!  My job here is done!  :)

And no session is complete with out a little behind the scenes LeLe fun.......

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Debbie Reid said...

Awesome, once again! Love the settings of these pics. Where did you shoot? And I have to say that I love the little bio before. I am the one documenting everything for my family! Poor Nora will be subject to what you were subject to. I just can't help it ;)