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August 15, 2011

They Just Keep on Growing: Baby Jane

Less than one year ago, we were capturing Jane's BirthStory.  This is a very special family to me.  Jane's dad, Michael is brother to one of my long-time, very good, beautiful friend, Kelly.  So when Michael and his wife contacted me about doing their was an obvious "Absolutely!"  As usual, time seems to slip by, and before you know it.....Jane is already 8 months old.  I couldn't believe the smiley little lady that sat in front of me.  Her strawberry blonde-ish hair, the wrinkles in her chubby little legs, the huge smile that would be plastered on her face when her daddy would toss her into the air and catch her in his arms, and the proud look her mama had every time I showed her a sneak peek on the back of my camera.   Michael and Erin - Here is your beautiful, beautiful baby girl that I love so much.  :)

LeLe Modeling is hard work!   Jane fell asleep, food in hand within minutes wrapping up the session...

Thank you to Michael and Erin for sending me home with the best editing care package ever!!!  Red wine, Haribo gummy bears (which I am ashamed to say barely made it thru the car ride home, and a Starbucks gift card!  You guys know the way to my heart!  :)  

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