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August 23, 2011

Jessica & Andy's Engagement Album

Jessica, Andy and I had the best intention of meeting up for a sunrise shoot.  The schedule was in ink.  The alarm clock was set.  Una problema......the roar of thunder woke me up before my annoying iPhone alarm had the chance to.   With out even climbing out of bed, I pulled up my handy dandy Weather Channel App.....sure enough.... our city of Saint Louis was surrounded by a blob combination of red and orange.  It looked like it was going to last for a couple hours......The sunrise was going to have to wait.   We pushed the shoot back a couple hours, caught a few more zzzzzz's, and met up in downtown Saint Louis for a shoot that ended up so perfect, it left me pumped about shooting their wedding which is next weekend!   

Jess and Andy decided on a Guest Signature Album for their family and friends to sign on their wedding day.  People LOVE these books.  They absolutely love seeing any type of pictures of the bride and groom.  I am in love with their engagement album design......

Jessica and Andy from LeLe Photography

No LeLe shoot is complete with out a little Behind the Lens playtime.....


Kristen Crow said...

AHH! these pictures are so perfect. you captured their personalities perfectly! such a beautiful couple :)

Sherry Lane said...

Adorable, love these books! I love the colorful one of them laying on the blanket, makes her eyes really POP! Great work!

caldy said...

I love every picture! You both look so would be hard to choose a favorite!