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August 27, 2011

Meet the Millers: Veronica & Rob

"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." 
— Mother Teresa
Try it.  Are you sitting in a room with someone?  Walk right up to them and smile.   Cheese it up.  Ear to ear.   Once they get done looking at you like you are nuts, they will most likely be smiling or laughing right back at you.   It’s contagious.   Sharing your happiness thru a smile is an action of love.  It is a gift that has the power to alter the mood and spirit of others around you.  The moment I walked into the salon on the morning of Veronica’s wedding made it evident that she was bestowing the gift of happiness to everyone within a 15 foot radius by radiating that beaming smile of hers.  I had met Veronica twice. Once at our initial meeting and once again at their engagement session.  Veronica was beautiful at both meetings.  Today was different.  I could feel it.  This was not the same girl that I had met before.  In front of me stood a woman on the happiest day of her life thus far.  She exuded the beautiful gift of happiness by simply sharing her smile.  

Moments later, the makeup was applied, the hair was perfectly intact and the girls were beginning to pack up their belongings.   Veronica had mentioned getting in her dress in a room at the church.   I couldn’t hear anything she was saying, because the beautiful natural light pouring into the salon stole every ounce of my attention.  I asked her ever so persuasively if I were to tell her that if she got into her dress at the salon (which was rented out to Veronica’s bridal party), she would love the pictures 5000% times more, would she do it?   Before I could finish the hypothetical situation that I had posed for her, she had her mom getting her fabulous gown and details out of the car.  Thank you for taking my advice into consideration.  Your beauty combined with the lighting have made these some of my favorite getting ready pictures, ever. And your dress....also one of my favorites ever.

 This is the kind of light that makes me a happy, happy girl.  MMMMMMM.......    

On to my favorite moment of the day and quite possibly from any wedding I have ever been a part of.  The wedding was closely approaching, and Alicea and I were looking for the flowers and the boutennieres to pin on the boys, and they were nowhere to be found.  (We did not find out until later, but there was an accident which kept Veronica’s amazing florist from getting to the church in time.  It was one of those things that no one could have prevented or known would happen) As I nervously entered the room Vern was waiting in, to my pure and utter delight.....she still had that dang smile from ear to ear.  A situation that would have ruined the entire day for most brides did not even phase Vern.  As one of her bridesmaids asked her if she was okay and if she was upset, Veronica responded with a statement that gave me every ounce of proof that I needed to know that she was here for the marriage and not simply a wedding day.  She turned to her bridesmaid with conviction in her eyes and  said, 
“I am about to walk down the aisle to the man I want to spend my life with, nothing else matters.”  
 STILL get the chills when I think about it.  
Some moments are big.   I know this was one of them for both Veronica and her brother, Bobby.  It was apparent how much this moment meant to him by how nervous he was moments before he was about to do the honor of walking her down the aisle.   The raw feelings, nerves, and anticipation here  made it my other favorite moment of the day.  
And finally the moment Rob had been waiting for..........

During the ceremony there are times when I seriously feel like a  marksman  spying on the sidelines perfectly holding my 70-200 until a look like this happens.......and CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Both Veronica and Rob’s parents AND grandparents had their picture taken on their wedding day in front of a grotto.   We added to the history of their family tradition by stopping by the grotto.  Just as their parents and their parents’ parents Veronica and Rob were standing in that same place that they once stood. 

I was totally excited that Veronica wanted to go somewhere different.   She merely mentioned Crown Candy and I enthusiastically was TOTALLY on board with it!    LOVED THIS!!!!!

Could these flowers be any more perfect!?!?!!?  
 By far one of the most beautiful bridal portraits I have ever taken.   Rock it out Vern!  :) 

Welcome to Saint Louis.   The city where you never know when a bus full of people with flamingo foam hats may show up and actually ask to get a picture with you.    
Also the city where there was a kid who happened to be walking by with a fishing pole.  There are no lakes or ponds anywhere near we were shooting.....but hey, I went with it because Veronica and Rob are total outdoorsy/ hunter/ fishing type people...... Fishing American Gothic. 

When life hands you direct light,  make this....... YEAH TWITA!  

We made a quick little stop before the reception at Rob’s family business......
In honor and rememberance of Veronica’s father, Vern and Rob decided to donate to the American Heart Association in honor of him.   She also hada special slideshow at the end of dinner that was dedicated to her and her father.  Veronica - I feel as if I have known you forever.   Your happiness and the love you and Rob share is powerful, clear, and real.  I am most certain that your father was as proud as can be to know his little girl made the most beautiful bride, that she was truly happy, and that she has started a family with a man he knows will take care of his little girl.  

 We snuck Vern and Rob outside for a few minutes for a few pictures at sunset.    So happy we did........
AWWW!!!!   Veronica and her baby bro.  :)  

I stumbled across a quote that really resonated within.   
“When you’re completely stressed and facing daunting obstacles and can still say, ‘There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing” you know you’re doing the right thing.”                                                -Etuk
This moment right here is the reason I I know there is nothing else I would rather be doing.    This reaction was the moment Vern first saw her same day slideshow.  This image is the reason I work. 
Straight from the Source: 
Bride’s Gown:  Elite Bluestein Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal Style 39261
Reception Venue:  Pezold Banquet Center
Music :

I like to chit chat with my brides after the big day to reflect on everything that happened, see if their favorite moments matched up with mine, and see if they would change anything.
Q: What were your Top 3 favorite moments of the day:
Veronica: 1. The moment I reached Rob up at the altar.  It was wonderful knowing that he was going to be by my side for the rest of my life.  2. The Speeches.   3. All of the dancing at the reception.  People were dancing so hard they split their pants!    
Rob: 1. Seeing Veronica walk down the aisle was by far the best part.  2.Eating the milkshakes at Crown Candy together.  Prob one of the best milkshakes EVER.   3. The speeches! 

Q: If you could go back to your wedding day, knowing now how the day went, is there anything you would change or suggest to other brides?
Veronica:  I would suggest the same thing that Ashley told me on the phone about a week before the wedding.  She told me not to worry about going around and talking to everyone table to table at the reception.  You’ve been planning this day for such a long time, and you deserve to enjoy it!  Get out there and dance.  Wherever you are, the guests will be there with you.  And if someone really wants to talk, they will find you.  I’m so glad that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the night.
Q: And last but not least, What was your favorite part about working with us!?  :) 
Veronica: You guys were so much fun!  I love that you could come on the party bus with us and Ash even showed off her mad Michael Jackson moves!  Also, I’m so glad we were able to do an engagement session before the wedding.  It made us both so much more comfortable in front of the camera.  You guys never stopped telling me how beautiful I am and I hope you know how wonderful that made me feel!

(AWWWWW VERN!!!!  It was the honest to goodness truth.  You were STUNNING!!!!)  

And we  can't leave you with out some Behind the Lens fun......
And you may ask how do I get my couples to look so sexy in their pics....Well, I lead by example....... (no, but really, what am I doing here?)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh these are so good! The pictures are simply amazing. What a great day! The slide show is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I know I have told you probably a million times already, but THANK YOU! I love these pictures sooo much! You captured every moment and emotion so perfectly. I'm so glad that years down the road these are the pictures that I get to look at.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome. Brings tears to my eyes on so many shots and I don't even know them. Great job capturing the emotion and love the bride & groom have for each other on their special day.