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September 14, 2011

Kristin and Nick: Mr. and Mrs.

"You're in my heart, you're in my soul. You'll be my breath should I grow old.
You are my lover, you're my best friend.
You're in my soul."
Kristin's blue eyes said it all.   She is the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.   It seems like forever ago when we first captured their engagement session in Soulard.   We met in what some would call a windstorm on a perfect fall day.  I remember leaving that session with a smile on my heart knowing that they were my bride and groom.   A LeLe bride and groom.   

Kristin looked beautiful in all of her engagement pictures, but when I arrived at her hotel suite on the morning of her wedding, I realized something was different the moment she stepped into that dress.  She was still that same sweet Kristin, but suddenly there was this fierceness.  As the corset on her gown was carefully being laced up, I asked her to bring her eyes to me.....and that was when this fierceness struck me.  She was ready to rock it out.   She gave me those captivating eyes, flashed the smiles, and most importantly was Kristin.  Her natural self.  The Kristin she is when her and Nick are at home with no one around.   In a room full of people, it was still her and I....and of course my Canon.   Clearly, there was nothing on her mind aside from remaining present in the moment.

I mean seriously.  Are you kidding me right now with this...... LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot of you Kristin!!

Time for the big moment.  Kristin chose to have her mother and father walk her down the aisle.  It was important to her to include both of them and share that long walk arm in arm with the two people who shaped her into the beautiful woman she is today. I love shooting at The Shrine of St. Joseph.  It's grandiosity, beautiful detail and natural light peeking through all of the stained glass windows humble me.  It is the kind of location that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away during moments like this.......

The New Mrs. Davis.   
 Mr. Davis looking mighty fine as well.
 You two lovebirds!     :)

I have a secret love for bridal parties with even numbers.
8 bridesmaids + 8 groomsmen = perfect symmetry and a happy Ash-a-lee!

This may be one of my top favorites of the day.  These are those eyes I was telling you about earlier.  FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE!     This is one of those moments where it was Nick, Kristin and my 50mm lens.   
Beautiful bouquets from The Flower Pot
Why are the girls laughing so hard?   Oh maybe because I just finished showing them How to Dougie.....Hey, that's what I am here for...your entertainment. They had no idea their photog had it like that.  :) 
Excuse me!!!???  Another favorite of the day!!!! Dapper and handsome.   

 love this one too....

Party time.   Quentin at The Rose of the Hill kept the night as perfect and flawless as possible.   We always love working with him!  :)   He is a guy who def. knows what he is doing and makes sure everyone is taken care of.  And did I mention the food at Rose of the Hill!?  It is catered by a local favorite, Favazza's.    Yum. 

Sister moments are the best.  Sometimes I think about my childhood, my life, and the unmatched bond that I share with my sister.  The kind of bond that despite our differences that make us unique is the kind of connection that allows us to read each others minds with out saying a word, say the same thing at the same time, call each other at the same time, spend countless hours being total dorks and finding ourselves hilarious, even if no one else does.    Having a sister is also knowing that you have that one person who knows everything you have been through because they went through it right by your side.  She is the one person I shared my childhood with.  Before I was born, she was already hugging mom's belly saying, "Sissy loves you."  I often wonder how people make it through life with out a sister.  When I feel the bond between the sisters during toasts, I look over at my sissy.  I feel an instant connection between the bride and her sister, because I am blessed enough to be able to relate.

There are moments that I look forward to every week.  I know and thank my lucky stars for  how blessed I am to do what I love and love what I do.  I live to do what I do because of little moments of gratification like this...... The moments where I can see in my brides eyes that what I was able to stand on the sidelines and capture is all of the love that was shared on the start of their life as one.  

 Another favorite.
When asked to a Dougie, especially by the groom and bride.....a dougie must be busted and taught.....
Let me teach you how to Dougie:

How to Dougie on Howcast

View Kristin and Nick's Slideshow HERE.

List of Vendor Info:
Ceremony Location: Shrine of St. Joseph
Reception Venue: Favazza's Rose of the Hill 
Florist: The Flower Pot (Florissant, MO) 
DJ: Complete Music, Jason
Cake: Missouri Baking Company
Hair/Makeup: Hair: Executive Salon, St. Louis; Makeup: Nicole Brown Makeup Artistry 
Where you got your fabulous dress from and the brand: Clarice’s 
Your adorable shoes? DSW
Bridesmaid dresses: (Brand and where you got them from): Bridal Connections (Florissant, MO); Brand: Alfred Angelo

Music to My Ears: 
1st Dance Song: You’re in My Heart, Rod Stewart 
Father Daughter Song: In My Life, The Beatles
Mother Son Song: Forever Young, Bob Dylan

Favorite detail(s) that you incorporated into your wedding to make it different and unique to you and Nick?
1. We ended up making our own invitations.  I am so glad we did-I was able to carry the theme through to the programs and the reception menu.  Now I have the invitation framed on the wall and it is perfectly my style.
2.  We chose to have a family style meal at the reception.  I wanted a formal reception but I didn't want it to feel stuffy. I think the family style meal helped make that happen.  Not to mention, coming from an Italian family, food is very important to us!  
3.  Having both of my parents walk me down the aisle.  My mom and I are very close and there was no way I was going to leave her out of such a special moment.  

Favorite part about working with us?  "The fact that you taught us how to Dougie!! (YES!!!!  RIGHT ON KRISTIN!!!  <3 Ash) Seriously, though I chose LeLe because not only are your photos amazing but I knew you guys would keep the fun going.  Pictures aren’t the most exciting part for the bridal party but with you guys there, it was like you were just another part of our group.  By the end of the day, the wedding party fell in love with you.

I also appreciated you helping me get ready on the day of.  You kept everyone rolling with the pictures and even stayed and danced at the reception.    And the day-of slide-show was ahhh-mazing!!"

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Carolyn said...

The wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun, made even more so by the fabulous photography. Thanks for catching all those wonderful details! Kristin and I have been texting and emailing our reactions to our favorite pictures/parts of the day ever since the blog went up--my fav. is the sister pic, of course! :) (Carolyn, MoH)