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November 26, 2011

11:11: It's in the Numbers. 2 Sneak Peeks!

When I hear November and Saint Louis in the same sentence, I think frigid weather, darkness that tricks you into thinking it is 9pm when in fact it is really 5pm, and bare trees.   This year has proven my preconceived November stereotypes to be far from the truth.....which I do not mind whatsoever!   This November has brought temperatures you could not have asked to be any more perfect, trees painted in leaves that looked as if they were on fire.   Burnt oranges, Deep reds, and every shade of yellow in between, all ingredients for sheer perfection and the type of wedding weather brides dream of.   I am beginning to think my new lucky number should be 11.   This has been the year of 11's.  Cardinals winning their 11th World Series Championship in 2011.  The 11th month of 2011providing some of the most perfect days my brides could have asked for.
Let the sneak peek begin... November has never looked so beautiful.  
First up, Meet Jenn and Aaron...
BEAUTIFUL flowers by Miss Kimberly Michelle......
I was SOOOOOO excited about this new location!!!     Can NOT wait to share more with you from this spot......
This picture is especially special, near and dear to Aaron's heart.   He was so happy and proud to have his two military buddies, more like his brothers by his side on the happiest day of his life.   This one is for you boys!   
 Meet Jeff & Michele.     Longtime friends of mine.  Jeff owns RinaWear Clothing Company and Michele is a Hair Stylist.   Both have that creative and artistic eye....and they are ALWAYS fun.   They have always been interested in photography. I did their BirthStory, and we talked cameras pretty much the entire time.   They have since started doing videography....and Awkward Moments Productions was born.  Our combined senses of humor, personalities and creativity makes we excited for every wedding we do together.
 Here is their video from Jenn and Aaron's shoot:

Yesterday we celebrated with Susan and Chad as they began their lives as man and wife.  I have known Susan going on about 12 years now. Last October, I was there shooting her little brother's wedding.   I met her boyfriend, Chad.  As we indulged in our usual girl talk....she could not hide the smile gleaming ear to ear as she said this is the man she was going to marry.   These two never settled for anything less than the real thing and go to show that when you meet that one person who makes you feel the way you didn't know was realistically possible, you will know.   Words can not begin to express how thankful and blessed I felt to share in this day with Susan.  The moment she first slipped her dress on to the moments before she walked down the aisle, I felt nothing but love and happiness for you and the man that loves you so perfectly.   I can NOT wait to share more from this beautiful November wedding day.  
Susan incorporated her love and infatuation that began as a child with The Wizard of Oz into her wedding.  Including the ruby red slippers.     
My absolute, most favorite, make me swoon flower is a peony.   I am not sure what it is about them....but they can bring up that fluttering feeling of happiness every time I see them.   They are springtime flowers, and pretty hard to get in the fall.   Susan, knowing that these are my absolute fave could NOT wait to surprise me with what Sisters Flowers was able to get in especially for her day.....PEONIES!!!   You never cease to amaze me, Sisters!!   :) 
We made a special stop before the reception at Ted Drewes.  They have their annual Christmas Tree lot up right now.  Something about the holidays, but it brings out that romantic/things are better together feeling.   Thank you, Ted Drewes, for having us and OF COURSE for the best, most famous frozen custard around!   :) 

Thank you Jenn, Aaron, Chad and Susan for giving me that much more to be thankful for during these holidays!    I love you all.   

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gail linder said...

Thanks for the sneak! Ashley and Alicea, you two give so much of yourselves in your job. I never realized how much time and effort goes into producing your pictures. You both are astonishing. Thank you so much for capturing Susan and Chad's Day and for being such sweet girls! Hope to see you again soon!