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November 7, 2011

Billy & Meg: Engaged

The gentle giant.  We have all heard of him.  Well I would like to introduce you to him.   Better known to me as Billy.  I met Billy when I was looking for a personal trainer at my gym.  Billy was brave enough to train me and my the same time.   We kept him laughing and he kept us straight workin on our fitness, he's our witness....sorry, had to break out into a little Fergie there.   I met Billy before his entire life changed.   This life changing day was the day Meg entered his life.  I saw true happiness in this boys eyes.  He was planning romantic dates and any and every way that he could sweep this little lady off of her feet.  Let me give you a better picture of this couple: Billy is 6'5" Meg is probably about 5'4" give or take a few inches (sorry if I am so off on your height, Meg!!)  :)   Billy towers over Meg.   He is a personal trainer, totally buff, and is probably the last guy in a lineup that you would want to be thrown in a fight with....but the thing is, he is as sweet, kind, and gentle as can be when it comes to taking care of his lady, Meg.  He opens doors, picks her up, makes sure he can do everything in his power to keep her beaming that beauty queen-esque smile of hers.  He truly cherishes everything that she encompasses.   
This is one wedding that I am BEYOND excited for.  Vintage, Soft, Classy Theme.  And the reception will be hosted at none other than my fav. spot, The Four Seasons.   Oh....ANDDDD Meg owns Meka Boutique.  Ladies, if you have never shopped here, may I suggest that you get there and ask for Meg!  She will be your personal stylist and send you home with some fall pieces that will make you wonder how you lived with out. 
We decided to do a fall engagement session and go to some of their favorite spots.  We headed to Kirkwood so we could start at Kaldi's, which happens to be one of their favorite places to just kick back and relax on the Sundays they have off together. 
If you are loving these boots like I am loving these boots, they are Gringos, which you can find at Meka!  :) 
I have always been a fan of cute and clever T's.   So you know I was loving this set.....
And finishing up our Sunday Session at the same place where Meg and Billy had their first date....Coldstone Creamery.   "That's how I roll." You know I had to get a shot of that!

 Check out Meg and Billy's slideshow right HERE.

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meg meyer said...

I LOVE our blog !!! We need to add some music to the slideshow !! Can we do that on the CD we get ?! You did an AWESOME job :) SO HAPPY!!!!!!