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November 2, 2011

Engaged.Lauren & Bobby: St. Louis Zoo

"If you can make her laugh, she is all yours, always."
-a wise man
From the moment I met Lauren, I knew this was my kind of girl!  Their wedding is going to be the epitome of fun.  She is not afraid of having a January wedding.   Her details and surprises she has planned for her guests have me anticipating one of the coldest months of the year.   As soon as she told me the theme of her wedding is "fun", I knew she was our girl!   :)   The engagement session was nothing less than I expected.   We went right to where Bobby popped the question, The St. Louis Zoo. This has been a location I have been wanting to shoot at for QUITE a while!  There are TONS of spots inside of this zoo!  We do have one of the best zoos in the country, so why not showcase it a little!    If you have a family session coming up, I think this is a perfect shoot location!   :)   Here are some of my favorites of a couple very much in love.   
 We walked thru the zoo and went to the exact spot where Bobby proposed.  I kid you not, at that moment the golden light hit and it could not have been any more perfect!!!   Bobby let me know he had that in mind and planned when he proposed a year ago.  lol   :)  Thank you Bobby, because lighting like this is something I APPRECIATE!

 I mean really!?  It is official.  If you two ever decide to have a mini-me....your child would with out a doubt have the prettiest eyes ever.  Just sayin.....  
 Bet you never noticed all of these spots last time you were at the Zoo.   :)  
 Grey Suits- My favorite.  Purple-My favorite.   LOVE THIS.

The couple that laughs together, stays together.   If there is one thing I always fall for, it is a sense of humor.  There is nothing better than being able to laugh at yourself and laugh along with the person you love.  A good sense of humor goes a long way.    When I had Lauren and Bobby cross the street, they busted out their best dance moves.....awww yeahhhh.......
 Time for a toast......
Check out Lauren and Bobby's Slideshow HERE.
January will be here before we know it!!!   See you two soon!

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