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December 5, 2011

Amy & Marshall: Headed to the Chapel

I met Amy at our initial bridal consult, and I knew I loved this girl!  Her smile beaming from across the coffee shop gave me a pretty strong inclination that this was the girl I was meeting with to talk wedding.  My inclination was right.  She knew all about our past clients, their wedding details, and all about me.  I tend to blog several personal stories.   Certain blogs leave you feeling a little vulnerable. You pour your heart out onto your computer screen and never know who is at the other end of the spectrum reading you most intimate feelings, stories, and words.   When I was able to put a face to the wonder of who actually reads what I write, I immediately felt at ease.  It seemed as if I had known her forever.  She knew all about how I quit my full time icky desk job to pursue photography, she knew about the worst day of my life, and some of the best moments I will never forget.   She left that meeting a LeLe Bride and a new friend.   We started emailing back and forth about planning the engagement session.  We knew we were going for an urban theme, with some Cardinals baseball in the mix.  

 One of my favorite websites EVER is Pinterest.  It is a creative girl's heaven!  Tons of crafting ideas, photo shoot ideas galore, and inspiration.  So when I sent her the links for some ideas, and asked her thoughts....her response was, "I'm not crafty.  I work in a hospital.....I live vicariously through Pinterest."  I still find myself laughing at that comment.   She was down for whatever suggestions I threw her way...which I LOVE!  :)    I have to disagree with the crafty comment though, Amy.....I loved the save the date sign you made!  So cute!! And sparkle-ey, even better!  :)

Check out Amy and Marshall's Slideshow HERE.

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