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December 6, 2011

Engaged: Sara and Jared

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend.  Lucky to have been where I have been."
Lucky.Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillet

Fate, Destiny, Meant to be, Luck....whatever you call it....I believe in the possibility that there may be a predetermined course to the future.  Sure, things may change, get in the way, or life may not work out the way you thought it may....but when it comes down to it....if something is meant to be, it finds a way. 

I also believe in photography fate.  I just made that term up, but sometimes, just is almost as if the stars align and photography perfection happens in such a way that it sends chills down your spine.  Photography fate happened on the afternoon I showed up to shoot Sara and Jared's engagement session.  As we drove around to find the perfect spot to begin shooting.....I see it, I hear it basically screaming my name.   It is not every day that you see an abandoned old pick up truck....oh yeah....a green one left in a field.....during sunset, none the less!  We parked the car....and then it happened.  Magic.    Love. Love. Love. this set of images.   
 A big thank you to Jared for not looking at me like I was totally crazy when I asked him to grab the furniture in his living room and bring it with us for the shoot.   :)  
 Sara and Jared will be tying the knot in Riviera Maya next May!!!!   They blew me away at their e-session, so I am certain they will leave people speechless as they exchange their vows overlooking the ocean!
 Check out Sara and Jared's Slideshow HERE.

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