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January 2, 2012

Happy BirthDay Tilly: Sunshine

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine."    
Big personalities come in little packages.   Standing less than 3 feet tall, little Tilly packs the punch.   Energy, sense of humor, a laugh that can make you melt, and an inquisitive fascination with the world around her.  She radiates love.  She shares this sunshine and happiness with everyone around her.   When I think of her, I smile.   What a beautiful quality to encompass.     On behalf of everyone, thank you Tilly for bringing so much sunshine into my life.  :)

I met Tilly last year after several chats with her mom about setting up her 18 month photo session.  (Here is that session.)   This was a session I had been looking forward to.  Her mom, Jill, was totally down with making the session special, creative and perfectly fit to the personality that exudes from little Tilly.   She was no different when it came to Tilly's 2 year Happy BirthDay session.  She took the time to check out my Pinterest ideas and even added in some ideas of her own.   We set up a full styled shoot in my loft.   When I was choosing a space to live, I specifically chose this space because the abundance of natural light and open space....would make made a set-up like this possible.   This is going to go down as one of my favorite shoots ever.   Everything that we had talked about, planned up, and wanted was visually conveyed.   :)  

Happy Birthday miss TIlly!!!

     And some Behind the Lens fun......

 View Tilly's Slideshow HERE.


Pamela said...

So so so sweet!! She is adorable and JILL! You look awesome!


Anonymous said...

What a little cutie!!! Great pics.

gail linder said...

These pics are wonderful. S
o much energy and so much personality shining through. What an adorable little girl!!