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January 24, 2012

Meet the Kurtzeborns : Lauren and Bobby

"I understand, because my heart and hers are the same...
And in January, we're getting married." 
January Wedding . Avett Brothers
Did you know it is medically proven to benefit your health?   True story.   It releases these chemicals in your brain which actually reduce stress and tension.   If you want to get all technical and stuff, it stimulates your immune system, adds endorphins into your body, and even reduces your blood pressure.  Beyond the physical benefits, sharing a laugh also provides physiological benefits as well.  It binds two people together and creates a synchronization between the two sharing the laugh that emotionally connects them.  When you find that person that you can make you laugh as deep as you love them....hold onto them.   This is the connection and love people spend a life looking for.   The kind of intimacy and love that is so deeply rooted that you can have nothing and still know you have everything.   The kind of love that leaves you spending the day lounging around on the couch and laughing until your stomach hurts.  Sure the tv is on, but you have that one person in your arms who manages to steal every ounce of attention and turn your favorite sitcom into pure background noise.    Lauren and Bobby kept me smiling and laughing all day.  That is what is so special about laughing, it is contagious.  The way these two can make everyone around them laugh, including each other, brings joy into the lives of everyone they touch, including my own.   

Not to get all quote-ey on you, but e.e. cummings once said, "The most wasted day is the one with out laughter."  Bobby & Lauren: I toast to your future together.  Here's to sharing a lifetime together with life, love and laughter which forbids you to waste a single day of it.     xo
I love the little looks I kept catching these two giving each other.....
The new Mr. & Mrs. 
Lauren had about 3 hair changes!  LOVED it!   Birdcage veils are my fav! top it off she had top hats and canes for her groom and groomsmen!  Have I mentioned I just adore this girl??!!   
I could not get enough of these two!!!     
Keep in mind, it was January, in Saint Louis.   It was about 30 degrees this day.   Lauren straight rocked out her pictures the entire time.  Not ONE complaint from this little lady.....and it shows in the pics, she makes me forget how cold it really was!    
*Secret Pointer for future winter brides, get little packets of the Hot will keep you and your bridesmaids hands warm.....Lauren had one stashed away by her bouquet.   
 Quite possibly one of my favorite shots of the day, no....ever.
Then we were off to the reception at Old Hickory Golf Course.   Not only was the food far beyond superb (I am still salivating thinking about the Tenderloin Medallions with Cognac Sauce)......the customer service provided by this venue was unlike anything I have ever seen!   The staff here went the extra mile to make sure that everything was perfect from the food to the decor to the candle placement.  They did not want anyone to do anything besides simply enjoy themselves and celebrate the occasion.  
One of my favorite moments of the day....their first dance.   As "You and Me" played throughout the room, everyone else disappeared.   They only had eyes for each other.   I know there are so many different types of loves, but this is the only kind I want.   
Raw. Consuming. Authentic.  Genuine Bona fide love.  

Check out their slideshow HERE.

Big shout out to all of the vendors who worked together to make Lauren and Bobby's wedding that perfect winter wedding full of personality!
Florist:  ZuZu's Petals & Design
Ceremony: Immanuel United Church of Christ
Reception :Old Hickory Golf Club (Rachel - Wedding Coordinator)
Cake: Wedding Wonderland 
Limo: Absolute Perfect Touch Limo
First Dance: "You and Me" Dave Matthews Band

And a LeLe wedding would not be complete with out some Behind the Lens Shenanigans.....
Pulling out my super secret, matrix, ninja moves.    Putting all that yoga to good use!   Feel that burn....but oh so worth it for the shot!  :) 

 Thank you Bobby and Lauren for coming into our lives and inviting us into yours.   Hope you are having fun on your honeymoon!!!   :)    Live, laugh, and love every minute of it.  

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