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February 8, 2012

Jenn & Amaya - San Diego

365 days.   52 weeks.  One trip around the sun.  Another birthday.   12 months.  Four Seasons   Whatever measurement you use, it is all the same.   There is so much that can change in one year, and yet so much that can stay the same.  Your life takes you to places you never planned, introduces you to people who you may have underestimated just how large of a role they would actually play.   In one year, people can move, they can meet someone who is their other half, they can become parents, and do things they never imagined they would be doing.  Kids are one of those things that are always changing.   No matter how much you wish they could remain that little baby you held in your arms, they seem to do one thing better than anything else....grow up entirely too fast.   They are constantly learning, exploring questions and growing up a little every day.   There are some things that don't change.   I met Amaya and her mom, Jenn, last year when we did a beach photo session.  In one year alone, Amaya has grown into quite the little lady.   I could not believe how much she had grown since the year I saw her last.   But some things the spirit this little girl has.   She is spunky, full of charisma, and still has that same smile that could captivate an entire audience.  

I have been spending quite a bit of time on the west coast and during one of my recent Cali visits, I made my way to San Diego for Amaya's yearly pictures.  Thank you Jenn & Amaya for  inviting me into your lives to capture the past two years for you.  :)
We invited Amaya's cousin and Aunt along to snap a few while we were strolling around downtown San Diego.   I see cute kids run in the fam!  :) 
 We headed to the pier at sunset for a few more minutes of perfect, golden light and a sunset you have to see to believe.

 The photo directly above on the right brought me right back to this moment one year ago.......   (Check out more of Jenn and Amaya's blog from last year HERE.)
And I put Jenn to work too......we'll work on the weird focusing system I use on my next visit.....    :)   Amaya showed me her ballet moves and then I busted out some yoga moves of my own for Amaya.....had to get those cool points with the kiddo.    :)  

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Anonymous said...

What a little doll. Pictures are awesome.