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March 14, 2012

Destination Dallas: Engaged.Trisha & Rene

Meet Trisha and Rene.   The moment I met her, I knew she was the kind of bride I LOVE!  The kind of bride that feels like not only a friend of mine, but someone I have known forever.  This girl and I can chit-chat forever!   She filled me in on all of the details of her wedding, then we started talking engagement pics.   As soon as she informed me that they live in Dallas.....I KNEW we had to do their engagement session there!   Dallas holds a near and dear place in my heart.   My mom's side of the family is from Dallas, and I spent every summer vacation soaking up the sun poolside at my MawMaw and PawPaw's house and every Superbowl that involved the Cowboys rooting for them.  I remember as a child, secretly dreaming and wishing that we lived in the great state of Texas.  Dallas holds a near and dear place to Trisha & Rene's heart as well.   It is where they met, fell in love, and started their life together.   To shoot their session anywhere else, simply would not do.         
When Trisha pulled out her Veo at our first meeting, I nearly died laughing.    Veo is this water flavoring stuff.   If anyone were to look into my purse at a given time, they would most likely find a packet of Crystal Lite lemonade powder.   People think I'm crazy when I order my flavored vodka and water, and then bust out my Crystal Lite lemonade.   I'm sure it probably looks like I must be doing some type of science experiment at the bar.....but's 5 calories.....AND mostly water!  Keeps me hydrated!!!    I'm glad to see that I am not alone in this Trisha!!! 
Then we headed to a funky little spot I found....Hotel Belmont!!   I love all vintage, retro, and I knew as soon as I saw a photo of this place, that we HAD to shoot here!    And did I mention the view of the city from this place!?!?!?!  

View their Slideshow HERE.

Trisha- you are going to make one BEAUTIFUL June bride!!!    See you on your next STL visit!!!    

xoxoxo Ash-a-ley


Marcus said...

Wow, these look great!

-Marcus, Melanie & Sadie !

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