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May 16, 2012

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. : Carrie & Jason

There is not much in this life that I love more than waking up on the morning of a wedding.  I have my bag of gear packed, double checked, and ready to go.   I have my morning routine down pact.   It goes a little something like this:   Wake up, make latte, go over timeline for the day, visualize what I want to do for the day, get dressed, triple check back, and head to the first location.   This Saturday was no different.   The ceremony and reception were both held at The Top of the Met, which happens to be one of my favorite reception locations....their food is incredible!    This Saturday was a little different than other wedding days, I was sporting a new fiery red hair color and Alicea had a baby bump that was about to pop.   The combination of the two factors had us on pointe, because we showed up ready to capture each and every one of Carrie and Jason's special moments.      
Love Love Love this bridal portrait.....
Then it was time for the first look.......
Then there was the goose.   I kid you not....this goose had it out for me.   He spotted me across the lake, swam directly over towards me.....and continued to follow me with the evil duck eye.....   Thank you Mr. Groomsman for oh so chivalrously retrieving my camera bag for me!  :)
Carrie & Jason bleed blue.   They are major, major Blues we had to make a quick stop.....   
So many beautiful Reception details.    
One of the best parts about The Top of the Met is the view!!!      This sunset during their first dance SCREAMS romantic!!!   :)   
Carrie and Jason had the UnScripted PhotoBooth, and it stayed packed the entire night!!!   Def. a hit with their wedding guests!  

And some LeLe Behind the Lens fun.......
Putting my yoga moves to good use.......

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