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May 20, 2013

Steve + Jessii + Haylee

[by Ash-a-ley]
There are certain clients that begin to feel more like family than clients.   I remember the morning that I first met Steve and Jessii.    Seriously...the date and everything (weird, I know, but sometimes certain dates stick out to me).    I knew I was going to love Jessii as soon as she agreed to do a sunrise shoot with me for her Ripe Belly Session yet.   Those kind of shoots take serious dedication and discipline.....not just on the clients part either!   Her enthusiasm about the shoot was contagious.    I could feel it in our phone conversations and email exchanges.    Somewhere along the journey from the Ripe Belly Session to the most recent 18 Month photo session, Haylee, Jessii and Steve all stole my heart and acquired that "feel like family" title.   Jessii's excitement, enthusiasm has never dulled in the slightest.   We work together before each and every shoot to come up with a new, creative, how are we going to beat the last shoot idea.   Her excitement for the shoot only amplifies my excitement, and the results leave my heart happy each and every time.   :)

We made our way to Midtown, because I wanted to shoot around the Fox Theatre.   Little did I know, but the Fabulous Fox is actually where Steve and Jessii had their wedding.  :)  
 We finished up the shoot with a sweet treat at the Fountain on Locust.   This cute little spot had been on my "Must Try" list for a while now.    The milkshake we ordered was seriously INCRED.  

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