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May 29, 2013

Stephanie + Daniel : Saint Louis Wedding

When the rain is blowin' in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love. - Dylan

It was a day full of rain.  Monsoon style rain.   The torrential downpour began the night before, and when I woke up with it still falling, I knew the weatherman had a chance of being right this time (sorry local weather meteorologists :)   As in life, I have learned to roll with the punches.    I have learned all too well that life is going to throw curve balls.  It is also going to throw those wild pitches that hit you so hard, they knock you on your butt leaving you trying to ease the sting and pick yourself back up.   Somewhere along the planning process, I usually always share an important piece of wedding wisdom with the bride, "Always have a backup plan (Especially for outdoor wedding venues).   If you end up not needing that plan, then great!  But it is usually when you do not have that plan in the back of your mind that you need it most.  I apply this little nugget of knowledge into my photography as well.    I scout out different locations, props and ideas to incorporate into the day to use everything from the sweltering Saint Louis Heat, to the frigid cold to the rainy, rainy day we were faced with on Stephanie and Daniel's wedding day.     So when I heard the pitter-patter of the raindrops outside of my window on the morning of their wedding, I had my rainboots packed up and was ready to rock n' roll.    

Some of the most vibrant and memorable rainbows are only possible after the longest rainstorms.   Well the rain continued all day, and finally had let up by the time I left the reception.    Stephanie and Daniel began their marriage on a rainy day, and their rainbow are all of the years, memories and moments ahead of them.  They were there for what really, truly marry their best friend.  You could feel their love across a room.   Congrats to Stephanie and Daniel, and thank you for reminding me how very easy it is to dance, smile and love even when the rain is coming down on me.   
This has got to be what I looked like at that age!   Shades + dance moves.    Love it!   
Stephanie and Dan also had the LeLe photo booth, which was a total hit all night!!     This reception knew how to cut loose and have fun!!

Vendors : 
Hotel : Ameristar Suites 
Florist: Artistry 
Lighting/ Chairs: Exclusive Events
Venue: St. Charles Foundry Art Centre
Wedding Planner: Sabrina Torti with Proposing Dreams
Photobooth:   LeLe UnScripted

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