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August 23, 2010

Michel Ripe Belly

You may remember this family from last fall. They are the Michel's. Jeff makes super funny T-shirts and owns RinaWear. Michelle is a fabulous hairdresser. We captured their family session last November. In November, their family consisted of Jeff, Michelle, Kenzie and Mason. You can add a plus one to that mix, because they are expecting another little girl any week now. :) I went to their home to capture the Ripe Belly portion of their BirthStory. Here are a few of my faves......

One of my faves!! And I really really love it because you can see Jeff's birthmark....which anyone who knows me knows that I have one that looks just like that. :)

I am in love. Love this one!!! :)

Does this kid look like his dad or what!?

I look at this pic and feel the love. That's what I'm talking about.


Life with Kaishon said...

What a very beautiful family! I am visiting today via your comment at Jasmine Star's blog. I am so glad I came. My friend just asked me to take belly shots and I have never done that before. So I was a little nervous : ) You gave me some fabulous ideas! I am coming over to be your facebook fan right this second! : ) Nice to meet you!

LeLe Photography said...

Nice to meet you too!! Thank you so much for visiting, commenting, and facebooking us! :) We loved hearing from you!

Ash and Alicea

Alicia said...

Love these, making that much more excited about ours in a few weeks! I agree the one where she is laying down is SOOO good. Great job. :)