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November 24, 2010

All American Girl

When I look at Katie I see that All American Beauty. She has a beautiful smile, a beautiful soul, and a personality that you can not help but to love. My favorite part about Katie, her dimples when she smiles at Zach. I have known Katie since High School. We were cheerleaders together, and true to her American Beauty self...she was the captain. She was always honest, fair and encouraging to the entire squad. The positivity that exuded from Katie and rubbed off on the entire cheerleading squad was still just as strong when I met up with her and Zach for their engagement session. I always encourage my couples to bring props to the shoots. The props can be anything from something that shows me a little more who they are as a couple to something that is completely random and fun. The props always get my creativity flowing. Katie did not disappoint!! We put her bag full of props to good use!!!

And then Katie pulled out the bubbles!! They were NOT cooperating with us!!! lol....I think these bubbles captured below might have been the only successful bubbles. But, it got some good laughs out them! :)

And then they pulled out the Cardinal gear....
And the Cardinal Socks! :) (Which was completely Zach's idea!) Good job Zach! :)

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Anonymous said...

They all look amazing! I'm soooo excited!

Jackie Parker said...

i love the socks! really cute way to be a little different :)