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January 28, 2011

Welcome Itty Bitty Damien!

I could not be more excited or proud to welcome Itty Bitty Damien to the LeLe baby club!! :) One of my best friends happens to be Damien's mama. Here is the front of his personalized announcement design....
and the back........look how cute this little chunker butt is!!! :)
Now for a little background info.... uh-oh..... :)
Some people walk into your life, without you realizing how much they will mean to you one day. That is my favorite part of this life, the unexpected and unplanned. Everyday, my job gives me the chance to meet new people who may or may not change my life. Niki is one of these people. Looking back, the story of how we met is actually pretty funny. She used to live with her sister, Mindy. Mindy had a few people over one particular night, and I ended up sleeping on the couch. Niki came down in the morning, and I woke up, and was all, "Hi!!! My name's Ashley." Keep in mind, this is when I was 18, entirely way too cheerleadery/perky, and quite frankly if today me met 18 year old me....I too would be annoyed. lol :) Niki was all, "Who is this girl in my house?" She did not like me. Shortly after, the first impression wore off, and she got to know the real me. Niki, Mindy (Niki's sister), and I became inseparable. It is really quite humorous looking back, because the three of us were so alike. We started telling people we were all sisters. I was their baby sis. People believed it, like really believed it. How could they not, we had the same laugh, the same sense of humor, and we could finish each other's sentences and thoughts. They were they when I graduated high school and I even transferred colleges so Niki and I could have classes together. :) We spent many a weekends at the lake and countless evenings at Katie Valley....ohhhhh and the times down at Mizzou ("How Come You Don't Call Meeeee, Vanilla Smirnoff, DALO, just for starters....)

Spending all of this time together, there is one thing I always knew....I knew Niki would make a wonderful mother. She always had such a nurturing soul. She was like the mom of our friends, always ready to take care of someone else. Always ready to put someone else's needs ahead of her own. Always thoughtful and full of empathy if someone else was hurting. If anyone ever needed anything, she wouldn't complain or ask questions, she simply acted. Niki is full of love. So full of love. Because of this, I know how lucky Damien, Charles, and Keegan are to have this love. She is as loyal as they come.

Niki, thank you for coming into my life that morning in Mindy's kitchen, whether you liked me at first or not. :) I love you and your little chunker butt, Damien! :)

The 3 "Sisters"- Niki, Mindy, and Me
This is one of my favorites of us from Mindy's wedding. I love you girls. :)
Nah Niki! :)

View Slideshow of little Damien HERE.

1 comment:

Charles said...

Ash-a-le! Ur the best lil lil sister I could of ever met! Thank you soooo much for coming into my life( will give McClanahan thumbs up to that). To think that I didnt like you at first always just makes me laugh out loud. I look back and think the reason I was mad that morning was bc I couldn't party that night with ya'll bc I had to work and go to school. Oh well we have had plenty of GREAT TIMES since then! I just want to say I'm soooo glad you found ur passion in life and you do one heck of a job doing that! And one of my favorite things is if we need a picture of any memory...I know I can count on you to have one! I love you to the SKY!!! Love always, Niki T