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September 22, 2011

Meet the Wears: Kate and Adam

"Meeting you was fate.  Becoming your friend was a choice.  Falling in love with you....I had no control over."

Some moments are milestones.   People walk into your life.   You never asked for it, you never looked for it, you just said, "Hi. My name is....." and your life was forever changed.   You no longer can remember what was or understand what exactly your future holds....but you are certain  something is different.

Remember walking into the unknown as you walked through the doors of your high school on that first day of your freshman year?  Following your schedule, trying to look cool and look as if you know where you are going, where your locker is, and keeping a straight face through the panic of having not a clue how to unlock your lock.   Eventually, you make your way to class, have a seat, look around and these are the people you are going to spend the next four years of your life with.   Unbeknownst at the time, a very select and special few will remain close for a lifetime.   Adam was one of the special ones in the room with Kate on her first day.  Most teachers sat students alphabetically, so Kate and Adam kept ending up together.   There was an instant interest in each other.   The chemistry that makes you feel as if you have known this person forever.  The same interests, the same friends, the same passions.  Strangers turned into acquaintances, turned into friends, turned into best friends, turned into soul mates.  February 9, 2002 they made the boyfriend/girlfriend thing official.   July 17, 2011 they made it official forever.

I was there to witness and document the day they showed their closest family and friends how sweet this life can truly be when you allow those unknowns to walk into your life and turn into the ones you that make you forget what was important before.
Kate and Adam live in Texas.  They are from Springfield, Illinois.   Planning a wedding from out of town can be quite the challenge, but Kate did it flawlessly!   I absolutely love my destination weddings.  Shooting in new locations.  Going into the unknown.   There is nothing better in my opinion.  :)
True Colors did an incredible job on Kate's flowers!!!   
 I LOVED this church!!!
And we even had special permission to go back into the halls where their love first began.....
This moment totally called for my "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Dance Routine.   Oh Baby, Baby........
Who doesn't love a midnight snack!?  Kate and Adam surprised their guests with a late night snack from Del's Popcorn Shop.  
 We always love running into our LeLe Wedding Alum!  We shot Max and Elizabeth's wedding last year!  HERE is a flashback to their day.
View Adam and Kate's Slideshow HERE.   

List of Vendor Info:
Ceremony Location: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Hilton (Springfield, Illinois)
Florist: True Colors
DJ: Rob Redpath with Good Vibrations
Cake:  Sue Bull Specialty Cakes
Candy Table:  Sweet Be's (St. Louis, MO) and Del's Popcorn (Springfield, IL) 
Hair/Makeup: Hair: Molly Bauman with Pryme Hair Studios  Make-Up: Hailee Rummerfield
Where you got your dress from: Bridal Boutique (Lewisville, Texas)
Bridesmaid dresses: Watters & Watters From Bridal Boutique (Lewisville, Texas)

And Because Music Makes all the Difference:
1st Dance Song: Rule the World by Take That
Father Daughter/ Mother Son Song: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Planning a wedding?  Here is some info and tidbits from Kate and Adam.   :)
-Is there anything you recommend for other out of town brides planning their wedding?  What was the most difficult thing?  
I truly recommend to start planning early and to find someone local who will be there to help out! My mother and little sister were the most amazing people in helping me get everything ready and I truly could not have done it without them! I would say the hardest part was not having someone around to help with major decisions. Many nights were spent on the phone with multiple questions, texting photos and trying to be as descriptive as possible since we were miles apart!
-If you could go back to your wedding day, knowing now how the day went, is there anything you would change or suggest to other brides?
I would tell myself not to worry so much the week before the wedding! I remember thinking some of the nights before the wedding "No way we are going to get everything done" and it just makes you worry.  Have no fear, Everything does get done and what doesn't, truthfully, no one can tell the difference!
-What was your favorite thing about working with US!?  :)
We found out that not only do you girls take the most AMAZING photos EVER but that you girls go Above and Beyond the duties of "photographers". When I went to put my dress on, you girls were right there not only taking pictures but helping me into it and making sure every button was where it should be, every piece of tulle underneath was pulled out and that the dress fit like a glove! Also, when someone seemed stress you weren't the ones watching from a corner you were the ones asking "Is there anything we can do?". And honestly, who can't be impressed with your amazing dance moves and staying to celebrate with us until the last dance! We absolutely had the most amazing time and we are so grateful to have had you to share it with! 

And there ain't no party like a LeLe party, cuz a LeLe party don't stop.........

A big thank you to Matt Debackare for shooting with us!!!  You da best!!!  :) 

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