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September 23, 2011

Susan and Chad: Heading to the Chapel

Meet Susan and Chad.  I was lucky enough in this life to meet Susan when I was 16.   I shot her little brother's beautiful wedding last October.   She has always had that smile that lights up a room.   She is exudes love and life.   When she came to me about shooting her wedding, it is hard to describe the feeling that came over my heart as anything besides humbled.  I fall in love with every couple and every wedding that I shoot.   I feel special every time I get that confirmation that they have decided to use LeLe.   Then I have the brides that I have known for years, dear friends and people that I hold near to my heart.   To know that the people that mean the world to me are entrusting me with the opportunity to capture their most important moments and details to keep and pass on....that is the kind of stuff I would never take for granted.  Congrats to Susan and Chad.  You both deserve a lifetime of happiness.  :) 
These two are huge Cardinal fans.   Chad coaches high school this is exactly where we went for their session.   
View a little slideshow action HERE.   :)
Our behind the scenes helper was Amanda (Susie's Cousin).  I have also known her for about 10 years.  I absolutely love both of them.   :)  

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