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November 10, 2011

Meet the Guckes. Again. :)

One year ago I met this family.   They were a family of three.  I captured little Miss Ava as she laughed, played, and made frozen yogurt treats with her mom and dad.   As their car pulled up for their family session this year, there was an extra car seat.   I met Ava's little brother.   He was quite the ham for the camera.   It was as if he was mesmerized by the camera lens.   His big blue eyes, blonde, blonde hair, and smile that never faded had my finger never leaving the shutter.   I could not capture enough or get enough him or hearing Ava call me "Miss Ashley" over and over again.  Miss Ashley!?  Seriously, how cute is that!?   I love seeing my LeLe babies grow up before my lens.  Amy even told me a few weeks after the session that in every picture Ava now poses WITH her hand on her hip. My job here is done!  :)   

Thank you Guckes family for being exactly who you are and giving me yet another reason to fall in love with my job day in and day out.   :)    
 The Stank Eye.   In case you didn't you do.   It looks a little something like this.  Ava taught me all about it.   :)    I think the tears started I was laughing so hard.
And a quick flashback to miss Ava one year ago......    HERE is that full post.   :) 

My facebook post when I left this session.....
"Bad day, tired, sad... Whatever it may be...when u can show up to your "job" and forget about everything else..... THAT is when you know you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Thank you Ms. Ava for keeping me laughing, teaching me "the stank eye" and being yet another reminder of how blessed I am to do what I love and love what i do."

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